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  1. donhar commented on The Grizzwells over 3 years ago

    no period after ‘river’?

  2. donhar commented on Tank McNamara over 5 years ago

    Way too wordy for a comic.

  3. donhar commented on Tank McNamara over 5 years ago

    Definitely, too wordy.

  4. donhar commented on Agnes over 5 years ago

    Can you imagine how ugly their offspring would be?!

  5. donhar commented on Agnes almost 6 years ago

    Think of them, not as bloated, but as 3D. I hear that’s all the rage these days.

  6. donhar commented on The Meaning of Lila almost 6 years ago

    Yeah, but unlike government, they can’t throw you in jail. A government big enough to give you everything you need is strong enough to take it all away, including your freedom.

  7. donhar commented on The Academia Waltz about 6 years ago

    “Outland” would be good.

  8. donhar commented on Agnes about 6 years ago

    This guy is not a straight-line thinker.

  9. donhar commented on Tank McNamara about 6 years ago

    My instincts have been dead-on since I went to my first (and last) game 30 years ago. No venue-vision viewer needed.

  10. donhar commented on Non Sequitur about 6 years ago

    Wiley, are you really this clueless, or are just propagating the progressive blather?