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  1. ezdeb commented on Steve Sack almost 7 years ago

    Question for religious folk:

    Why is there an allowable exemption for rape or incest?

    Since you state that your only motive is concern for the unborn, how can you say that it’s OK to murder the “infant” in that case?

    How is the collection of cells/unborn human disposable then?

    Seems to me that the sexual behavior of the woman is really your focus. If she “sinned”, she pays. If she was “pure”, her unborn can die.

    How is that right?

  2. ezdeb commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 7 years ago

    If you believe that sacred human life begins when egg and sperm embrace, you must admit that your belief stems from a religious premise. That’s your teaching/belief about your god’s wishes.

    Please feel entirely free to worship as you please.

    Do NOT feel free to legislate our nation into compliance with your religious beliefs. We have American law, not sharia religious law.

    Charlie’s simplistic views are neither medical, Christian, logical nor charitable. Women in this country are not responsible unless they are pregnant, and then only if they are pregnant with American babies.

    A mother of 3 should die and orphan those 3 if she’s bleeding and in pain and #4 will kill her. OK with Charlie and Scott.

  3. ezdeb commented on Bob Gorrell almost 7 years ago

    Sr, beautiful song. Thank you for that!

  4. ezdeb commented on Bob Gorrell almost 7 years ago

    Ahem. Yeah, new governors in those two states. But did anyone notice that the dems sent TWO more congressional reps to washington? Two southern states got repub governors. Democrats got two more congressional seats.

    Ta Da

  5. ezdeb commented on Don Wright almost 7 years ago

    Well, righties? Is it a deal?

  6. ezdeb commented on Don Wright almost 7 years ago

    bcs, thank you! I dinnot know that, and I apologize to cjr.

    I like the “72 MALE virgins” punch line and the nuns, too. But nuns can become chaste and be nuns without being virgins, so…..you still can’t trust them.

    Thanks again; have a good wednesday, all!

  7. ezdeb commented on Don Wright almost 7 years ago

    I dunno - when I read it, I was annoyed that when he actually gets to heaven, a nagging, ugly woman commands him to do honey-do chores.

    As a wife who’s not exactly anyone’s vision of a heavenly virgin, I’m weary of the chortling “punishment” jihadists get. No pretty women for you!

    …”serves you right!” Whatever. And how ugly does a suicide bomber have to be in order to NOT get virgins? I’ll bet he can be really ugly and smelly and snaggly and mean and they still have to be there for him.

    This is why organized religious beliefs make little sense to me. God just isn’t this weird.

    Why don’t any cultures offer 72 handsome studly males to women who die for a cause? It ain’t fair.

    And, cjr, I just have to point out. The word is mysogenist.

  8. ezdeb commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 7 years ago

    As long as the American people simply crave the dollar as the only measurement of value or wealth, we will continue to give banks power over us.

    I’m reminded of this when people like HQ comment about their taxes going up a whole $100/year; how unacceptable that is. They pretend it’s about principles, but it’s money. They don’t want their money going for a larger good than them.

    So it is with their $100/year. So it is with that tax incentives for polluters, with their $1billion/year. So it is with the bank strategists, with their $1trillion/year.

    And people who should be regulating this nonsense get dollars from the banking industry…

    When ACTUAL conservative financial principles are rewarded, when the nation’s good can be assigned a dollar value, when natural resources are figured in as having value as they are, then we might get somewhere.

  9. ezdeb commented on Pat Oliphant almost 7 years ago

    Rush himself has said that watching a football game is like watching a gang war between the bloods and the crips, but without weapons. “There, I said it” he boasted.

    No, Rush is not a racist! All those who call the KKK racist are anti racist racist bashers who feel like racists make racist comments, boo hoo!

    Rush’s words ARE his deeds. He forgets that he’s actually been recorded saying the things he says, cuz he’s on, you know, radio.

    Hey, righties. Personal responsibility belongs to people like Rush, too. It just cracks me up that you scream about liberals making the world a worse place because people like Rush don’t just get to wave their wet cigars at us, make money from rubes like you, becoming drug addicts while they scream that POOR addicts should rot in jail. They laugh at you and me, go into liberal-funded rehab clinics while they sob at how unfair life is to them, etc.

    I actually think the toon is accurate. Dittoheads know it. The chickens sometimes come home to roost, even for rich, white folk like El Rushbo.

  10. ezdeb commented on Jeff Danziger almost 7 years ago

    Yeah, not drawn well.

    But I wonder why righties hate having a president who thinks. I swear, they want stupid, vapid, uninformed, self-ambitious people to represent them. This habit of our president to think or read or plan seems to upset them.

    They want action! GWB only had to go down 17 flights of stairs to Cheney’s bunker, have Cheney perform the secret “nut check” ritual, then run back upstairs and announce a war or two.

    Sorry y’all are so intimidated and resentful of current events. Didja know that just this morning it’s announced that Karzai accepted the results of the recount and will participate in a runoff? A possible power sharing govt w/Abdullah? Why would President Obama decide the course of this war without knowing what Karzai intended to do?

    Of COURSE you would do better, righties! Of course you would. Ask Michael Steele, S Palin, M Bachmann, DeMint, or any other sensible rightie you know. I bet they’d have a heck of a lot of ideas, huh?

    No. They don’t. You don’t. All you do is sneer. Grab a mop or get out of the room.