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  1. hawgowar commented on Herman 3 days ago

    Those who reproduce win the Darwinian Olympics, regardless of intelligence, wealth or looks. Those who do not reproduce – lose.

    Genghis Khan was so fertile that a full 1/8th of the population of Asia carry his genes. Those who refuse to reproduce leave the earth in the hands of the breeders. So if college educated Caucasians stop reproducing, the “lower” classes will simple take over by force of numbers.

    That’s right. Billy Bob with the three teeth shall inherit the earth because the intelligentsia were too good to bother with children.


  2. hawgowar commented on Cow and Boy Classics 6 days ago

    I haven’t seen a Gallagher show in forever. He was great.

  3. hawgowar commented on Connie to the Wonnie 7 days ago

    Nothing wrong with a strong personality as long as you don’t lapse into emotional bullying.

  4. hawgowar commented on C'est la Vie 7 days ago

    You mean your husband?

  5. hawgowar commented on Back to B.C. 12 days ago


  6. hawgowar commented on Clay Jones 16 days ago

    The US has AT LEAST 310 million guns lawfully owned by some 350 million private citizens, and literally Billions of rounds of ammunition. This includes up to heavy machine guns, auto canons, artillery, rocket launchers, antitank weapons and mortars.

    This fact makes the US unconquerable. Even back in the day when Glasnost broke out, the old Soviet generals admitted they never considered trying to invade the US as we would be impossible to occupy because of our privately held guns and high umber of veterans. Think Red Dawn times about a million.

    I postulate that, per gun, the US has the lowest gun crime rate in the developed world. The only possible contender would be Switzerland with pretty much a REAL assault rifle (many with grenade launchers attached) in every home.

    The US leads the developed world in crime rates, period. However, since 1980, violent crime has been cut in half while gun ownership has roughly doubled. Something you’ll not see on MSNBC. So when gun ownership goes up, crime goes down.

    No, I do not belong to the NRA – I cant stand Wayne LaPierre.

    Yes, I am a military veteran (USMC and then Army, retired). I have seen what happens in nations where private citizens do not have the right to keep and bear arms. Only government thugs and criminals possess firearms in that case.

    As I have said before, when the crazy ones decide to stop using guns and use bombs, we’ll see real body counts. The Trench coat weenies in Columbine had a backpack full of pipe bombs loaded with small nails as shrapnel that they accidentally locked outside. If they had not locked them outside the casualty rate of Columbine would have been far, FAR higher.

    Any fool can build a bomb. Anyone with any experience in explosives at all can take the common chemicals and other items in your house and make a bomb powerful enough to blow out the walls and drop the roof into the basement. With a 25 minute lesson you can make the high explosive TATP (the shoe bomber explosive) in your kitchen sink with things you can legally buy at Walmart and any hardware store.

    Guns are a smokescreen. Violent crimes are half what they were in the 80s yet media coverage of them is up about a thousand percent. What is the media’s hidden agenda? Why does the media insist on trying to keep us in a permanent state of fear? You are over 3,000 times more likely to be killed in an auto accident than in a mass shooting. You are ten thousand times more likely to be killed by a medical error than by an “assault weapon”.

    Your doctor, hospital and pharmacy are far deadlier than a nut with a gun.

  7. hawgowar commented on Cow and Boy Classics 18 days ago

    It’s Modra (Mothra), The Thing!

  8. hawgowar commented on Frankie Comics 21 days ago

    Female hipster haircut. Remember Cyndi Lauper in the “Time After Time” video?

  9. hawgowar commented on Prickly City 24 days ago

    Your rational thought is my raving lunacy – and vice verse.

  10. hawgowar commented on In the Sticks 26 days ago

    How old is this?