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  1. hawgowar commented on Zen Pencils about 23 hours ago

    I desire to marry a good-looking nymphomaniac who owns a trust fund and a liquor store.

  2. hawgowar commented on Sunshine State about 23 hours ago

    An economist, if only right 10% of the time, keeps their job. If right just 15% of the time, they win a Nobel prize.

  3. hawgowar commented on Raising Duncan about 23 hours ago


  4. hawgowar commented on Lay Lines 4 days ago

    I like Muderville and the gang.

  5. hawgowar commented on Arlo and Janis 4 days ago

    If you have to beg, it’s not good.

  6. hawgowar commented on Looks Good on Paper 4 days ago

    Ocean levels have been rising since the last ice age began to subside. So? Move a little further inland. Earth has, on average, been hotter, with much higher sea levels than we have now. It is the greatest of narcissism to believe that just because the climate has been a certain way for a measly few centuries, that it will stay that way forever, or that we can do very much to effect it. The planet may be warming. We are still coming out of the last ice age, you know. It was far warmer with much higher sea levels during the Jurassic age. Life did quite well. There were no polar ice caps and no evidence of glaciation back then. That is the norm for planet Earth and we humans had better get on the ball and adapt or we’ll go the way of Allosaurus.

  7. hawgowar commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 5 days ago

    I took three this year. My state is filthy with deer. I donated one to the homeless shelter, along with a feral pig. They’ll eat well for a while, at least.

  8. hawgowar commented on Sunny Street 5 days ago

    Money is beer goggles for women.

  9. hawgowar commented on Barkeater Lake 7 days ago

    So, no comic today? Just a blank page?

  10. hawgowar commented on Heathcliff 7 days ago

    “There is nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight.”

    - Lon Chaney, Sr., who knew a thing or two about horror.