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  1. hawgowar commented on Connie to the Wonnie 1 day ago

    Fewer homicides now than in 1980.

  2. hawgowar commented on The Bent Pinky 2 days ago

    Ummmm…same as Dec 5th?

  3. hawgowar commented on Joe Heller 2 days ago

    I believe that most people can differentiate between fake news and real news, even if the mainstream media has gone in for fake news, itself. The proof being that the people voted in Trump even though the media went whole hog and guzzled the Hillary Kool-Aid. There has been more fake news put out about Trump than the rest of the field combined.

    No, I am not a republican. I am a rational anarchist. Close to libertarian but not that close.

  4. hawgowar commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    It works quite well with Plugger husbands as well.

  5. hawgowar commented on Truth Facts 3 days ago

    I’ll agree with #3. The test itself, while uncomfortable, isn’t so bad – but the prep is a mutha.

  6. hawgowar commented on Matt Wuerker 3 days ago

    Not a lot of choice on overseas clothing manufacture. Very few companies do it here in the US. Ever priced those who do? Niche market as Walmart beats them to death with overseas labor costs. Americans usually vote with their wallets. Sure, they want to keep jobs in the USA, but then when dollars come to cents they wind up buying the cheapest product, not the Made in USA product. Why else is Walmart worth about a gazillion dollars?

    As for tax breaks, American corporate taxes are extremely high. Far beyond what is even fair. I am not a republican, by the way, I’m a rational anarchist. Anyhow, taxes on corporations are merely stealth taxes on the US consumer. Corporations see tax raises, and they price their products accordingly. Property tax goes up, and landlords increase the rent. ALL taxes are taxes upon the people. Period. Politicians depend on The People being so stupid that they can get away with it. To date, they have been correct. Obamacare taxes American on merely breathing. If you are alive, you will be taxed for healthcare, even if you eschew it and would rather die than pay into such a plan. And if you refuse to pay, you will be visited by ninja-suit-wearing US marshals with automatic weapons and thrown into debtor’s prison. Sieg Heil.

    And tell me how politicians such as Rangel and Frank can arrive in Congress with an old Chevy and two suits, and in ten or twelve years become multimillionaires on a salary of about $174,000 per year? Then we had a former Navy Cross recipient (Duke Cunningham) caught with his political fingers in the cookie jar, sentenced, shamed.

    The current system is not serving us very well. Time to try a shakeup just to see what happens.

  7. hawgowar commented on Flo and Friends 5 days ago

    Starbucks base coffee reeks, which is why people have to put all sorts of junk in it to make it palatable. If the coffee without the junk tastes bad, don’t buy it with the junk added. I prefer coffee, black, no sugar. Folgers Gourmet Supreme is an excellent mass made brand. If you can still find it, so is Yuban 100% Colombian.

    I brew it at home for about 65 cents per pot in a Mr Coffee and fill a thermos to get me through the day when out and about. No calories, no gluten (not a problem with me), no carbs. Just pure pleasure from each cup.

  8. hawgowar commented on Dog Eat Doug 7 days ago

    They gots pterodactyls?

  9. hawgowar commented on Rob Rogers 10 days ago

    I agree.

  10. hawgowar commented on Prickly City 10 days ago

    If you work in the White House you may be able to influence the way the President governs. If you don’t, you have little to no chance.