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  1. whitecarabao commented on MythTickle 8 days ago

    Cute (I love puns), but Justin, were you visiting Pastis when you came up with this one?

  2. whitecarabao commented on MythTickle 27 days ago

    I remember Edward Teller doing this, not to a room of five year olds, but to a television audience (about the same thing). He made modern physics seem so simple. Then I went to college and studied it….

  3. whitecarabao commented on MythTickle 27 days ago

    Gotta watch out for bamboo; it’s sneaky stuff — as are shadows.

    Great work as always, Justin! It takes considerable creative talent to illustrate philosophy with art, and you have done it with amazing subtlety.

  4. whitecarabao commented on Ten Cats 28 days ago

    @2old, I love that “Hey, you!”
    My father was adopted by a neighborhood castaway who was the most affectionate animal you can imagine. “Tommy” was the largest cat I have ever known, 20 pounds of solid muscle!
    When I visited Dad, Tommy would follow us as we walked around the yard. If Tommy tugged on your pants leg, it meant he wanted to be held. And you better not ignore him because his next act was to start climbing — NOT something you want to experience.

  5. whitecarabao commented on Ten Cats 29 days ago

    Chesney is a real cool cat!

  6. whitecarabao commented on Ten Cats 30 days ago

    BTW the SPCALA (SPCA Los Angeles) has voted Tara the cat as the Dog (uh, CAT) of the Year for rescuing her little 5-year old human from an attacking dog. Well deserved! What a cat! And she is so mellow.

  7. whitecarabao commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 1 month ago

    Sadly true.
    In the ’50s we only had to deal with giant ants and Martians attacking in the movies and “Commies under the bed”. Now, we have been turned into noncommunicative zombies. Ugh!

  8. whitecarabao commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    Relax Roz. Everything that Cosmo eats will go to waist.

  9. whitecarabao commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 1 month ago

    Marigold has a good point (and not just the one at the tip of her horn).
    Riding a unicorn or being “worn” by a unicorn is far better than any cupholders or new car. And sixam is right: Marigold has an excellent donut holder.

  10. whitecarabao commented on Brewster Rockit 2 months ago

    I agree.
    In Florida we always had a couple of kerosene lamps available during hurricane season.
    In 1997, visiting my in-laws in the Philippines for the first time, I noticed the kerosene lamp on the dining table. Sue enough, midway through supper, the electric power went out. The maid calmly lit a candle in the kitchen and then lit the kerosene lamp in the dining room. We continued supper with oil and candle light. Shortly before bedtime electric power was restored which was a great relief because we could then have air conditioning.