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  1. Silentknight7 commented on MythTickle over 5 years ago

    I Anubis is here, will Mrs Mat’ta show up. I love how Horus’s “flash light” turns color with his mood.

    Carful Bast or he might do unto you as he almost did unto Set.

    Wonderful art and humor as always Sir Justin!

  2. Silentknight7 commented on The Argyle Sweater almost 6 years ago

    Careful who knows whose comic you’ll end up in. It might be Hagor the Horrible, Broom Hilda or… GASP DILBERT. ANYTHING BUT THE CUBICAL!

  3. Silentknight7 commented on Heart of the City almost 6 years ago

    Ha. I love it.

    It’s sort of looks like a Bloom County strip but more tame.

  4. Silentknight7 commented on MythTickle almost 6 years ago

    Please turtle… Bring peace to the comics page.

  5. Silentknight7 commented on Bewley almost 6 years ago

    I like books… and this comic! Keep it up Blades

  6. Silentknight7 commented on The Argyle Sweater almost 6 years ago

    That is so gross. I think I’m going to HACK*HACK!

    Great art on this comic.

  7. Silentknight7 commented on Lio almost 6 years ago

    @Baslim the Begger. Sniff…

    @LadyFingers86. It’s not hovering, it’s stuck in the top of the panel.

  8. Silentknight7 commented on Non Sequitur almost 6 years ago

    You know… You can kill some one with just about anything, including fists and day to day objects. Plus as Matt1075 said. IT GETS COLD!

    Personally, I like Vermont’s solution. They passed a law that said any one can carry a concealed weapon with out a license. And its working, Vermont has a very low crime rate.

  9. Silentknight7 commented on B.C. about 6 years ago

    What would be fitting is if a raptor now came up behind him while the rest of the “Pack” was away.

  10. Silentknight7 commented on MythTickle about 6 years ago

    Congratlations on wrapping up the story so nicely.

    I have loved this story from the begging to the end.

    As a possible cartoon, I think you could do something with the story in the link below