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  1. pepnkids commented on Gasoline Alley about 4 hours ago

    Now a good story goes bad with these two idiots.

  2. pepnkids commented on Gasoline Alley 7 days ago

    If Rufus and Joel turn up everything will turn to junk and get ruined.

  3. pepnkids commented on Drabble 7 days ago

    With his eyes shut he will catch it. If he opens them he will catch it in his face.

  4. pepnkids commented on Luann 17 days ago

    Brad is not the lame goofball he used to be. After meeting Tony he finally matured and started using his brain. He has turned into a very responsible young man.

  5. pepnkids commented on Drabble 22 days ago

    Poor Norm, things just never go good for him.

  6. pepnkids commented on Alley Oop 22 days ago

    I think Alley might go ballistic.

  7. pepnkids commented on Gasoline Alley 22 days ago

    I am glad he remembered. After panel one I thought he might forget. Glad he is smarter than slim because Slim would have forgotten. Points for Rover.

  8. pepnkids commented on Luann 24 days ago

    I thought T J was a gourmet chef. Nothing gourmet about what he has. He never has had much of a clue except when Brad had all the trouble at weenie world.

  9. pepnkids commented on Gasoline Alley 24 days ago

    Always totally predictable, but still fun to read.

  10. pepnkids commented on Gasoline Alley 25 days ago

    Don’t worry Rufus and Joel will rebuild the bridge. I guarantee it.