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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. MrGromit commented on Moderately Confused 2 days ago

    Guys, “Ted Talks” are a real thing. Click on the link. There are some amazing talks on there from people from most walks of life. Well worth the click.

  2. MrGromit commented on Ziggy 4 days ago

    And some like this one, never die with their creators and live on forever.

  3. MrGromit commented on Chip Bok 5 days ago

    BS! It happens and it rarely gets reported!

    Best example off the top of my head is the shooting at Appalachia’s Law School about 10 years ago. The dude pulled a gun, shot a person or two and was brought down by two students who regularly carried. They were heroes but the media never mentioned how the killer was stopped. It happens far more often then you know.

  4. MrGromit commented on Bliss 7 days ago

    You know what clinic she’s not in by the fact that she can see the monitor. Otherwise the “medical professional” would be looking for parts for harvesting.

  5. MrGromit commented on Big Top 8 days ago

    Considering the quality of most of today’s music, I think the other end would be more appropriate.

  6. MrGromit commented on Henry Payne 10 days ago

    That’s one way to fund the building project! Nice ’toon!

  7. MrGromit commented on Rubes 10 days ago

    He’s in a better place now. Much, much better…

  8. MrGromit commented on Reality Check 10 days ago

    Technically, wouldn’t that be a sea wall?

  9. MrGromit commented on Bottomliners 16 days ago

    No, there the student loan collectors keep calling you.

  10. MrGromit commented on Lola 25 days ago

    easier yet and get far more comics: http://www.arcamax.com/comics