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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. MrGromit commented on Real Life Adventures 1 day ago

    That would be a hilarious prank. Put up a bunch of bars in there and have several people hang upside down…

  2. MrGromit commented on In the Sticks 2 days ago

    I lol’ed

  3. MrGromit commented on Henry Payne 6 days ago

    Kudos, mate. This is exactly what I thought.

  4. MrGromit commented on Chip Bok 6 days ago

    VW lied to sell more cars.

    That stated, the limits are BS and limit production to crap cars.

  5. MrGromit commented on Thatababy 7 days ago

    Nicely done, but I can think of another amazing animation dog left out…

  6. MrGromit commented on Heart of the City 8 days ago

    I didn’t realize he was running reruns. Has he stopped doing this strip or just taking a break?

  7. MrGromit commented on Strange Brew 12 days ago

    Wow. Plate and all.

  8. MrGromit commented on Baldo 12 days ago

    I’ve been reading this for years and apparently I missed the week she was introduced.

    What ticks me off is that if you search the cartoonists’ website you will find very little about the strip, like character bios. It’s a virtual “yea me for being a Hispanic cartoonist and here’s all my news stories” but almost nothing about the strip.

  9. MrGromit commented on Bliss 14 days ago

    That was my first thought. Who wants a mouth-breather operating on them, and before the masks I saw more than one nostril stalactite hovering over my mouth, so I was grateful when they introduced the masks.

  10. MrGromit commented on The Flying McCoys 14 days ago

    Very weird looking door. Seriously, c’mon, guys, good concept but at least do a slider or draw better French doors.