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  1. MrGromit commented on Adam@Home 1 day ago

    Corey Gates

  2. MrGromit commented on Jerry Holbert 3 days ago

    Um, she’s guilty on both counts. She voted to “send” them them as well.

  3. MrGromit commented on Lola 3 days ago

    Yuuuuck yuk yuk yuk

  4. MrGromit commented on Wrong Hands 11 days ago

    “Download” should be “Upload” and “Spam” should be on the ground.

    I’m subscribed, but the only time I see this strip seems to be when I check my comics feed really late. If you want maximum traffic, you need to upload the strip early.

  5. MrGromit commented on Moderately Confused 11 days ago

    Not when you’re a Detroit Tigers/Mets/Mariners/ “game” going on…

  6. MrGromit commented on Bound and Gagged 14 days ago

    Abstract Accounting. Nice

  7. MrGromit commented on B.C. 20 days ago

    I thought maybe he was watching the Cute Chick jogging toward him…

  8. MrGromit commented on Barkeater Lake 20 days ago

    No copyright information. I’m going to claim this as mine! Kidding, but really curious as to what’s going on.

    Corey, I have high hopes that you’re taking this back and are going to reboot it.

  9. MrGromit commented on Herb and Jamaal 21 days ago

    If we’re going to be on a Biblical thread here, David trusted that God would make his aim true.

    David became awesome because he learned to trust in the Lord and he always knew it was not simply through his own doing.

    Cool comic, though.

  10. MrGromit commented on Loose Parts 23 days ago

    Funny; I chuckled.