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  1. cdward commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 19 hours ago

    Vic said “I” in the fourth panel! Has that happened before?

  2. cdward commented on Zack Hill 2 days ago

    Steady job! Besides, there’s no such thing as just a triangle player. He’s a percussionist.

  3. cdward commented on Rip Haywire 2 days ago

    A better question might be, does he really think it’s a good idea to get on Breezy’s bad side?

  4. cdward commented on Real Life Adventures 2 days ago

    She has a “To Criticize” list.

  5. cdward commented on Cleats 2 days ago

    That’s cheating.

  6. cdward commented on Eek! 3 days ago

    Operation Petticoat: Egypt edition.

  7. cdward commented on Bliss 3 days ago

    I’ve it save several marriages (yes, where the is actually happier as a result). But one marriage counselor told me that most people wait so long to see one, that by they time they DO go, it’s often too late – all people want at that point is to put blame on the other person.

  8. cdward commented on Brevity 3 days ago

    CERTSifiably insane.

  9. cdward commented on Baldo 3 days ago

    When I was a kid, our family slogan was, “We’re not lost, we’re having an adventure.” We had so many adventures that we had it printed on t-shirts for a family reunion.

  10. cdward commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 6 days ago

    If the vote had gone the other way, it would have only been with England going that way, so perhaps Wales would leave – but they’d have nowhere to go. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay, and they feel (as does Northern Ireland) that their economic future is stronger with the EU. I don’t blame them.