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  1. cdward commented on Zack Hill about 6 hours ago

    That is theme #1. Theme #2 is that Mom doesn’t research her fads. Gluten free is important for those who have a gluten intolerance, but eating it for diet is like taking an antibiotic for a virus.

  2. cdward commented on Strange Brew about 6 hours ago

    My thought exactly. Don’t skip a whole generation of artificial sweetness!

  3. cdward commented on Pearls Before Swine about 6 hours ago

    Not really, though countries where the bit rate is too high should reduce population. Our (US but also in some South American countries) beef, poultry and pork industries are a disaster ecologically and in many other ways. You can do more for the environment by not eating that stuff than by quitting driving. Besides, all the grocery store meat just makes people think meat comes from a plastic package. If you want meat, raise or hunt your own. You’ll be healthier, it’ll taste better, it’s better for the environment, and you’ll appreciate what you’re eating more. Besides, it’ll keep you from spending so much time in front of the computer…

  4. cdward commented on Non Sequitur about 6 hours ago

    Not a journalist but a news corporation head. Big difference. Real journalists actually strive to give the best researched, factual information available. However, their corporate bosses not only discourage this but make it incredibly difficult to manage, cutting budgets, reducing staff, and focussing on editorial over hard news. My heart goes out to real journalists trying to do a thankless job with owners who have no use for their work.

  5. cdward commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 7 hours ago

    They actually do seek quinoa in regular grocery stores. It’s just another grain – we eat it from time to time in place of rice or stuffing. Not really my cup of tea but not terrible either.

  6. cdward commented on La Cucaracha about 7 hours ago

    Indeed. There has been a smaller, “I am Ahmed” movement. But I think the point here is valid: why do we WANT to mock others just because we can? Charlie Hebdo has the right to publish the picture of Muhammed, but is it a good thing to do so? How does that further the conversation!

  7. cdward commented on Free Range about 7 hours ago

    If only….

  8. cdward commented on Diamond Lil about 7 hours ago

    Loves me some black olives. And broccoli. Too few places offer broccoli as a pizza topping.

  9. cdward commented on Candorville about 7 hours ago

    Who cares? The franchise left Ian Fleming behind long ago. And I believe M was played by Judi Dench for awhile, no?

  10. cdward commented on Brevity about 8 hours ago

    Cheese, thanks.