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  1. cdward commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    I always enjoy your humorous little jokes. Where do you come up with these fantasies?

  2. cdward commented on Rip Haywire 4 days ago

    Ka-plot twist!

  3. cdward commented on Real Life Adventures 4 days ago

    Just spent 380 on mine.

  4. cdward commented on Brevity 4 days ago

    Be still, my telltale heart.

  5. cdward commented on Adam@Home 4 days ago

    I was going to say the Farce is strong with him.

  6. cdward commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    Here’s just one more thought. Has anyone looked up the number of Americans killed by Syrian terrorists vs the number of Syrians killed by American drones (which to Syrians may well be considered a form of terror).

  7. cdward commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    What is your evidence for this? Ah, none. Thought so.

  8. cdward commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    Do you assume all Muslims want to live under Sharia law? Did you know many conservative Christians want to enforce their version of biblical law?

  9. cdward commented on Skin Horse 6 days ago

    They have someone else do their hits for them.

  10. cdward commented on Last Kiss 6 days ago

    “… And I don’t want to know what they gave you for homework.”