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  1. pointy_stick commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    Goat can be such a condescending twit sometimes. If I didn’t and cared what tiger poaching was, I probably would have asked you self important boob.

  2. pointy_stick commented on Monty 5 months ago

    If you pop his head like a pimple I promise to buy every Monty collection every written!

  3. pointy_stick commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 months ago

    Trailer Park Boys one reason to keep that Netflix subscription.

  4. pointy_stick commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 months ago

    Goat is pretty condescending, “Oh I’m sorry pig do you know what that means?” I’m going to start rooting for the crocs.

  5. pointy_stick commented on Heart of the City 6 months ago

    Some of you idiots take this way too seriously.

  6. pointy_stick commented on Monty 8 months ago

    Man you’d think this family would do better than Alpo for their hunting dogs. They really are part of the 1%.

  7. pointy_stick commented on Monty 9 months ago

    @exoticdoc2. Yup pseudoscience where more than 97% of all peer reviewed publications by actual scientists agree that we (humans) are causing global warming. That’s 13.950 to 24. Maybe it’s you and the rest of the moron-mob that can’t tell the difference between a hypothesis and a theory that would belong in the pseudo camp except event that’s likely too much science for you.

  8. pointy_stick commented on Dog Eat Doug 9 months ago

    Move back up to New England, at least you’ll get a few more weeks.

  9. pointy_stick commented on Heart of the City 9 months ago

    My kids love the stuff. I have to have two basil plants going and get the pine nuts at Costco.

  10. pointy_stick commented on For Better or For Worse 10 months ago

    You’re actually Lynn Johnstons ex aren’t you?
    I’ve never seen anybody take a comic strip as seriously as you, especially a 30 year old comic strip. Reading your comments is often more entertaining than the actual strip.