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  1. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Gray Matters 3 months ago

    A bit late to the party…. but lugging all those bottles around can make a difference in unexpected circumstances. For instance, controlled substances can be seized if you can’t prove you have a prescription in your name. If you’re jailed, many facilities will not administer medicines unless they have that bottle. And if you’re hospitalized, you may not be in a condition to tell them your medicines and dosages. They also show the doctor and his or her contact information, which may be invaluable.
    Traveling with the bottles may be a hassle, but can be a lifesaver.

  2. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Home and Away 3 months ago

    Honestly don’t think that song is a big deal for kids to listen to. I loved it when I was young, and had no clue what it was about.

  3. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Cleats 3 months ago

    Mr Compassion need to go grocery shopping and see how long $40 of food lasts HIM.

  4. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Frazz 4 months ago

    She’s got it easy. Some fool(s) apparently set off an M-80 at the San Francisco Hospital today, which led to reports of shots fired, evacuation, bomb squad, etc.

  5. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Prickly City 4 months ago

    Maybe Carmen should learn about, and promote, Ranked Choice Voting. I’m ambivalent about Gary, but it sure would be nice not to feel your vote is wasted.

  6. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate 4 months ago

    Nate’s taken a very dark turn here. Causing physical harm isn’t a prank. That teacher will likely be in a lot of pain for days. And Nate seems totally unconcerned about it.
    I saw the arguments when this “prank” was revealed. Trust me, guys, people ARE stupid enough to repeat things like this. I’m a retired 911 operator, police/fire/EMS dispatcher. Fully grown supposed adults do stupid things they saw in various media, without thinking of consequences, and cause harm and sometimes death. Kids read these comics… and have even less of a sense of consequences (which is why we have a legal age of majority).
    Mr Price, this was more than a little disturbing… not just the introduction of it, but the way it’s brushed off as nothing more than a joke. Nate hurt someone – on purpose. He should have to see the consequences of his actions.

  7. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Heart of the City 4 months ago

    I’m waiting for someone to break the news to Heart that sitting in one’s drink is kinda icky.

  8. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on The Meaning of Lila 4 months ago

    Agreed. Been there, and I was extremely grateful to the mutual friend who finally told me everything that was going on.
    The Golden Rule was included in the Bible, after all.

  9. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 5 months ago

    Problem is, reality isn’t absolute. Things change. Societies change. People change. The only absolute about religion is that it’s always about keeping the religion’s administration in power.

  10. solitha GoComics Pro Member commented on Candorville 5 months ago

    Background: Dolores Park, the park in question, gets almost literally crammed with people. There’s little A/C here, it gets hot indoors, and people head out to enjoy the cooler air.
    I think the “reservation” idea also got shot down very shortly after announcement.