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  1. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Bruce Beattie about 6 years ago

    Actually CF…

    Id picture it more like this beasty…


    seen here in action at 2:00…


    bahamut wastes ANY bad guy ever in Zelda…and would be an entirely more appropriate vision for the problems we seem to be having to me.

  2. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Donna Barstow about 6 years ago

    …and donna barstow would never be paid for another strip and would be forced to take a job tending carp.

  3. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on ViewsAfrica about 6 years ago

    I don’t see a rope or a tree…

  4. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on ViewsAsia about 6 years ago

    ”But since when did discussion equal reconciliation…?”

    “What we’ve got here is…Failure…to communicate. Some men you just cant reach.”

  5. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Glenn McCoy about 6 years ago

    ”People like McCoy, dittoheads, etc., hate Pelosi and Obama with a foaming at the mouth irrationality that makes them lie and distort to feed their hatred. I think they’re addicted to hate as if it were a drug.”

    It’s not just a “conservative” trait. Liberals did for 8 years previous.

  6. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Walt Handelsman about 6 years ago

    Tigger said: ”Yes, and in eight days Mr. Madoff is dead”

    The over/under is August. He’ll be in isolation until his sentencing in June and it’ll take the cons a couple of weeks to get their shanks ready…so I’m betting “over”.

    …and most prisons are “tobacco free” now days.

  7. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Clay Jones about 6 years ago

    ”Does anyone remember when Bin laden and the taliban were OUR friends ?”

    we were “friends” with the mujaheddin in Afghanistan.

    The Taliban is not them.

  8. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Clay Jones about 6 years ago

    ”Red, I’m a tad confused … if al-Qaedi was responsible for the Sept day we still mourn, are you lumping the Taliban in with them because they are all Islaamic extremists, though the Taliban was not responsible for 9/11? And BTW, I looked at your two links and agree totally the Taliban is despicable. Saw a piece on CNN tonight about young girls going to school with aspirations of becoming a doctor or an engineer and they have to fear having acid thrown in their faces every day simply because they go to school;. What bravery that takes. Yes, they are despicable”

    The Taliban in Afghanistan gave bin laden and his band of merry murderers a place to be, plan and train for their heinous crimes. If not for them, Clinton probably could have took bin laden out while he was stuck in Sudan.

    Even without 9/11, the Taliban, in my eyes, is one of the most despicable “organizations” ever to be and they deserve nothing less than one bullet or bomb each.

  9. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on David Horsey about 6 years ago

    Bravo Mr. Horsey…

    id tolerate the pharmaglomerates but insurance companies have replaced lawyers for my favorite villains lately.

  10. redheadsandrazorbacks commented on Jeff Danziger about 6 years ago

    ”listen, red backhair, kept talking about UP HERE IN CANADA, TRUDEAU,and the like, and there’s libel to be a lot more people thinking your a canadian. But you already know this, cause this is far from the frist time.So speak your french, and tell us about canada while you talk smack about the USA. That freedom of speach is a two way street, and you just got some.Good Day ?(up here in our history)”


    im beginning to think you don’t even know where you are.

    no wonder you’re confused about where i am.

    im sorry that you appear to have been unable to keep up, maybe Ill go slower next time.