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  1. ledgreen commented on Stone Soup over 6 years ago

    How to handle a restless child: Step one: line a closet with velcro. Step two: sew child a matching velcro body suit. Step three: lock child in closet.

  2. ledgreen commented on In the Sticks over 6 years ago

    2% is a high rate?

  3. ledgreen commented on Barkeater Lake over 6 years ago

    Agreed. Barkeater Lake is a much more entertaining strip even when it jumps the shark. The characters are more sharply drawn and distinct. I can practically hear their voices in my head as I read. Elderberries is changing fast though. Looks more like Corey and there are new characters. It’s not at all the strip it was years ago when I stopped reading it. : -)) As for Toby, Morris Gumboot might be a promise that other BL characters could migrate.

  4. ledgreen commented on Matt Davies over 6 years ago

    Second day in a row Walt has ended up in Matt’s strip and it’s happened before. I wonder why it’s always Walt?

  5. ledgreen commented on Chris Britt over 6 years ago

    What does illinois politics have to do with Pennsylvania?

  6. ledgreen commented on John Sherffius over 7 years ago

    Apparently balanced budgets don’t mean anything to Republicans anymore. Cut taxes on the wealthy, regulate and tax cut American jobs abroad, deregulate the corporations and bust the unions, borrow trillions and pay it out to corporations and any investor who loses money in the markets …

    And we wonder why the middle class is so stressed and poverty still exists.

  7. ledgreen commented on Don Wright over 7 years ago

    Anandy, I agree. Thanks to Bush and the Republicans the entire country is either broke or bankrupt!

  8. ledgreen commented on John Deering over 7 years ago


    laughs and points

  9. ledgreen commented on Matt Davies over 7 years ago


    That’s exactly what the President and the Majority should do the next time the Minority insists on dictating terms and then screws up legislation. “Go ahead, punk. Filibuster and make my day.”

  10. ledgreen commented on Stuart Carlson over 7 years ago

    Since the end of WWII, every democratic President has left the national debt either less than or the same as he found it as a % of GOP. In that some period, every Republican President except Nixon has left the debt higher when he left office. In the case of Ford, Reagan and the two Bushes, the increases were enormous.

    Again we see Repbulican knee jerk reactions to Dem spending while they completely disregard the atrocious and wasteful spending of their own party when it was in power.