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  1. detour_jones commented on Ronaldinho Gaucho about 5 years ago

    a weak and a half early….

  2. detour_jones commented on Pluggers about 5 years ago

    el dorado we call hampers the floor…

  3. detour_jones commented on B.C. over 5 years ago

    here in Canada we don’t go the groundhog or woodchuck route… we go with the good ol Cdn beaver… and the little bugger always sleeps through the day and misses the event… so, like lewreader suggests… we have beaver stew… and beaver never disappoints… at least not in that way…

  4. detour_jones commented on The Argyle Sweater over 5 years ago

    failed as a mail service… but led to the birth of bunny slippers… which turns out was a male failure…

  5. detour_jones commented on W.T. Duck over 5 years ago

    and that is the birth of the idea that lead to Robert Frank’s The Americans…

  6. detour_jones commented on Strange Brew over 5 years ago

    The pessimist in me says… give it a week or two… all milk eventually goes sour…

    The historian says… complacency and a lack of reaction is the greatest threat we all face…

  7. detour_jones commented on Ronaldinho Gaucho over 5 years ago

    and my flag is not the same as yours…

  8. detour_jones commented on Red and Rover over 5 years ago

    Red is in a box?

  9. detour_jones commented on Rabbits Against Magic over 5 years ago

    … and that is one of the two cows in panel two… I think… it sure does not look like a Reynold’s cow and chicken…

    Is it 2 Cows and a Chicken’s 1st birthday as a strip? I could go look but it is way over on the other side of the page and I still have old joe to hunt down.

    Is it Rabbits Against Magic anniversary? I may give up a few old joe minutes and google that.

  10. detour_jones commented on Pluggers over 5 years ago

    The expression is originally from eastern Canada (it has been traced back to Devil’s Island in Nova Scotia) and does not refer to chickens but to sturgeon and it is not about a basket at all but is a reference to a net.

    Therefore joe is actually correct… it has no connection to a person who has laying hens on ‘their’ farm (I had to correct the possessive from his to their… I may club seals but I do try to be politically correct… )