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  1. Tom commented on Loose Parts about 7 years ago

    Dr. John sang about this


    Lesson: All life is risk management.

  2. Tom commented on Tom Toles over 7 years ago

    In the past 30 years they’ve gotten big enough to move the market, not just trade it. A few million moves at a penny a piece adds up. The strong will dominate the weak when they can. Here they’ve done it and called it a free market. Free does not mean fair. Since we worship power and money, most just want to be in their shoes. Much safer than hitting a 7-11. Skim millions and its not even a crime. Win on the downside and the upside. Just tell them its the free market. Losses, just get the taxpayers to cover them.

  3. Tom commented on Speed Bump over 7 years ago

    The air dunking booth was always popular at the gold fish carnival. Here the Mayor gets his due, all for charity.

  4. Tom commented on MythTickle over 7 years ago

    Not much of a train - no passenger or freight cars. Could be Alzheimer’s onset - Sundowner’s syndrome.

  5. Tom commented on Loose Parts over 7 years ago


  6. Tom commented on Tim Eagan almost 8 years ago

    I’m an Eisenhower Republican. At age 62 I have no home. Conservatives are mean and liberals are gullible. Jefferson trusted the farmers - people who worked the land. As of the 2007 Ag Census, “Of the 2.2 million principal farm operators in the nation, 1.2 million report something other than farming as their primary occupation.” The total 2007 U.S. workforce was 153 million. Trust, but verify was not only for the Soviets. It should have been applied on Wall Street. The conservatives took credit for the economic growth, now want to be “moral” about bailing out the risk taking they encouraged with lack of oversight. The people who have turned Republican into a brand that can be used to game the country took away the party I first joined.
    We have small government for local issues, and medium government for state issues and big government for the big issues. We don’t need total government anymore than we need total religion or total commerce. Each institution needs to play the role human society needs so that we may have freedom. These institution are to serve we the people.