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  1. D.Mason commented on Garfield Minus Garfield over 7 years ago

    1. knows how to put the tolet seat up.

  2. D.Mason commented on Adam@Home over 7 years ago

    why didnt they show the uncle falling into the ziti

  3. D.Mason commented on Frog Applause almost 8 years ago

    Naked Man was not wearing any underware.

  4. D.Mason commented on ViewsMidEast almost 8 years ago

    Im glad the guy who drew this wrote “Obama” on the jacket, because the drawing looks nothing like him.

  5. D.Mason commented on Adam@Home almost 8 years ago

    what a funny way to use a onomatopoeia.

  6. D.Mason commented on The Fusco Brothers almost 8 years ago

    The Term “Squaw” is very very very racist.

    I believe that the artist of this cartoon ows a huge apology to all women, and especially to Native american women.

    To call his wife a Squaw, is like a Black man calling his wife a “N” bi-ch

    Native americans in many states are trying to outlaw the word Squaw because its so derogatory and belitting to them.

    This cartoon is extremely demeaning and degrading.

    Some Native American have condemned the term of “squaw” to mean the same as vagina.

    We may have a black president, but yet some people are still very raciest towards the Natives american.

    The artist of this cartoon should be totally ashamed.