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Barney & Clyde

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  1. DirtyDragon commented on JumpStart about 7 hours ago

    “I helped Mortimer? I thought that was you helping him!!”

  2. DirtyDragon commented on Steve Benson 2 days ago

    The “Whitey tape” will sink Hillary for sure.

  3. DirtyDragon commented on Doonesbury 2 days ago

    So America would have fell for the unrealistic growth target ol’ Jeb pulled out of his butt, because he thought 4% sounded like a nice round number?
    Especially with Jeb’s stated plan for a return to massive tax cuts for the wealthy and ‘voodoo economics’.
    That ambitious goal was first raised as Bush and other advisers to the George W. Bush Institute discussed a distinctive economic program the organization could promote, recalled James Glassman, then the institute’s executive director.
    “Even if we don’t make 4 percent it would be nice to grow at 3 or 3.5,” said Glassman, now a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. In that conference call, “we were looking for a niche and Jeb in that very laconic way said, ‘four percent growth.’ It was obvious to everybody that this was a very good idea.”

  4. DirtyDragon commented on Robert Ariail 5 days ago

    That dog is all bark and no bite.
    If he caught her, I bet he would raise a back leg.

  5. DirtyDragon commented on Tim Eagan 5 days ago

    If the media is going to cover the Trump clown show like a circus, what’s the point of trying to talk policy?
    And then if you do a big policy speech, all the questions are about e-mails. And conflicts of interests from a… charity??
    Hint: If the Clintons don’t draw salary from the Foundation, there’s no quid. (No quid, no quid pro quo.)

  6. DirtyDragon commented on Heart of the City 8 days ago

    Any chance this is a time-shift, like happens from time to time in the Funky-verse?
    All kinds of new stories if we flash forward a few years…

  7. DirtyDragon commented on One Big Happy 9 days ago

    Judge Haller: That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection.
    Vinny Gambini: Thank you, Your Honor.
    Judge Haller: [firmly] Overruled.

  8. DirtyDragon commented on Rose is Rose 9 days ago

    Reminds me of Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy.

  9. DirtyDragon commented on Little Nemo 13 days ago

    Good thing the Captain kept the airship upwind of the stock yards.
    105 years later, I believe everything shown here still exists, other than the stockyards and the underground rail system serving businesses. The Field Museum relocated to a new building in the 30s, and the location pictured now houses the Museum of Science and Industry.
    McCay didn’t show the Cubs in their “West Side Grounds”, but there’s another thing that hasn’t changed since then ; )

  10. DirtyDragon commented on One Big Happy 13 days ago

    Lady, sometimes a cigar box is just a cigar box.