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  1. crpeters commented on Nancy 5 months ago

    It’s fascinating how two of my favorite comics differ. Nancy never seems to age, but Gasoline Alley is written in real time… My older brother was born on the same day Skeezix was abandoned on the doorstep (Nov. 13, 1927.)

  2. crpeters commented on The Argyle Sweater about 1 year ago

    Too bad Hilburn doesn’t know how to spell “duffel”

  3. crpeters commented on Real Life Adventures about 1 year ago

    Like I commented on “Pluggers” today: Good health is just the slowest possible way to die.

  4. crpeters commented on Pluggers about 1 year ago

    Let’s face it folks: Good health is just the slowest possible way to die.

  5. crpeters commented on Bliss about 1 year ago

    At my age, I’d much rather be “seen” than “viewed.”

  6. crpeters commented on Lucky Cow over 1 year ago

    Is 154 the number of Lucky Cow restaurants or the number of newspapers worldwide that carry Lucky Cow?

  7. crpeters commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz over 2 years ago

    Tinteardrop has it right. My laptop has usb ports on both sides and I plug the mouse in on the left to have more room to play on the right.