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  1. Redeemd commented on Grand Avenue 5 days ago

    They should be thanking God. Christmas celebrates God’s gift to us of a savior. Saint Nicholas was a great saint who would probably be horrified how he is now portrayed.

  2. Redeemd commented on Bound and Gagged 16 days ago

    Half of the pilgrims died the first year but they still did not give up. Their descendants would go on to forge the greatest nation on earth.

  3. Redeemd commented on Rubes 2 months ago

    Rhinoceros Unicornis, not so mythical. Check your local zoo.

  4. Redeemd commented on Reality Check 3 months ago

    Still drinking the 60 million year old Kool-Aid after soft tissue and blood cells have been found?


  5. Redeemd commented on Eek! 3 months ago

    Global brain-washing.

  6. Redeemd commented on The Buckets 3 months ago

    Red blood cells and soft tissue cannot last millions of years. Stop repeating the tired old dogma: https://www.icr.org/article/2032

  7. Redeemd commented on The Barn 4 months ago

    Awfully crooked, like Hillary.

  8. Redeemd commented on Eek! 7 months ago

    Show me where it’s been debunked. This has been verified and confirmed through multiple sources.

  9. Redeemd commented on Bottomliners 7 months ago

    Keep voting Democrat and you’ll soon be living that way.

  10. Redeemd commented on Eek! 7 months ago

    You’d think they would stop teaching the asteroid extinction theory as fact after finding intact red blood cells in dinosaur bones, but apparently not.