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  1. greenearthman commented on Big Nate about 3 hours ago

    Betty Rubble is also 2D and because of that insur"mount"able obstacle to our love, it shall never be!

  2. greenearthman commented on Big Nate about 3 hours ago

    Dogs are a lot harder to come by, and care for, than cats. Seems as if a model of scholastic perfection like Gina requested a cat, she’d get one. Heck, my daughters are grown women, and I’d certainly get them as many cats as they wanted!

  3. greenearthman commented on Tarzan 7 days ago

    Great comments as always! Thanks OCSL, I didn’t really notice the proportion problem at first, but Tarzan looks almost like a doll…er, “action figure.” Looking at this art from (maybe) the same era as the twelve redheads, makes me wish that the old Mandrake strips were really running on Sundays.

  4. greenearthman commented on Jane's World 7 days ago

    Bobbie’s back! I like her. She reminds me of a lot of gals I’ve known in construction over the years. A real coming out party could be in the works.

  5. greenearthman commented on Doonesbury 8 days ago

    I am so looking forward to Zeke’s first appearance. Maybe the worst scumbag in the Doonesbury Pantheon. Way too old for JJ. Always got a scam or hustle going. If one of my daughters had brought home somebody like Zeke, I would have gone ballistic!

  6. greenearthman commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 14 days ago

    I have said so many times, that the biggest problem of our time is the lack of large carnivores. Think of all the sufferers of clinical depression who would be cured! You are moping around the cave, listlessly eating whatever is within reach. Suddenly a large carnivore appears! Your adrenaline flight or fight response kicks in and you run like hell ro escape the large jaws of sharp teeth. You find a tree to climb or a cleft in the rocks where said predator cannot get to you. Predator gives up, and goes away. Are you depressed? Elated is probably more like it. Wow. You have just gotten a drug that is vastly better than any of that crap on tv. Or you were caught and the case is “cured” in a slightly different way. Overweight? Same thing. Darwin strikes again! Yeah, I know, sounds suspiciously like “eugenics.” It worked for hundreds of thousands of years, though. Jus’ sayin’. Charley knows.

  7. greenearthman commented on Jane's World 14 days ago

    Ya know, I have no idea how many of y’all might be from the South, but it’s unbelievable around here, “blest day.”

  8. greenearthman commented on Zen Pencils 18 days ago

    Well maybe, between acts, you might rethink a few things, and question a few assumptions.

  9. greenearthman commented on Tarzan 18 days ago

    Are you going to be the one to tell her?

  10. greenearthman commented on Jane's World 21 days ago

    Agreed, but there a lot more Muslims out there murdering Christians than vice versa. Not that they don’t deserve it. And not that there aren’t plenty of Christians participating. Jews are takng care of most of the Muslim murdering that’s going on. Not that they don’t deserve it. Even the Hindus are out there committing religious murder. Religion is such a wonderful thing. Brings us all closer to God. In a hurry!