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Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

Non Sequitur

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  1. greenearthman commented on The Boondocks 5 days ago

    Huey’s pragmatic side.

  2. greenearthman commented on Gasoline Alley 13 days ago

    Not environmentally sensitive, but they burn hotter and harder than coal.

  3. greenearthman commented on Non Sequitur 16 days ago

    I’ve noticed that’s actually true. Go back to the beginning and you will often see something that will trigger the same thought that led you away—if that makes sense.

  4. greenearthman commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 18 days ago

    Corporate welfare, highest capital gains tax in the world, but so full of loopholes, that the truly rich pay zero or get the government subsidies, while hard working people cannot suport even themselves on their wages, let alone raise children—America! What a country! Yeah and you can employ hundreds and make millions, and still be called “small” business. What a farce. Business does not create demand, people do.
    Do not assume that I am a raging socialist. Capitalism has its useful efficiencies. People who work harder or smarter, of course should be rewarded! But the playing field needs to be leveled. A plutocratic aristocracy is the last thing any of us need, including the rich. Elizabeth Warren is right. No one builds it by himself. Maybe if we spent a bit less on killing people and spreading hatred toward ourselves, and instead allowed our children to reach their potential, this country could become a decent place to live, and truly be the shining city on the hill for the rest of the world, instead of the home of Hollingsworth Hound and Lucky Ducky.
    “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Our time on this enduring orb is short. We ALL die, and often much sooner than we expect. What will you leave behind?

  5. greenearthman commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 18 days ago

    Don"t think real clearly, do you?

  6. greenearthman commented on Tarzan 19 days ago

    When Tarzan says, “I’ll disarm him,” he means, “I’ll shoot his arm off.”

  7. greenearthman commented on Sylvia 19 days ago

    See today’s Beardo!

  8. greenearthman commented on Zen Pencils 22 days ago

    A famous poet, yes…inspirational?
    Depression, disappointment, madness.
    The first Zen Pencils I have not appreciated.
    Poor girl!

  9. greenearthman commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Many years ago, I knew a fine gentleman, born in Armenia, Mr. George Mardikian. He had a great restaurant in San Francisco. I’m glad he’s not alive to see the whole Kardashian spectacle.

  10. greenearthman commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    9? No, really. 9? Although I did have an uncle who married the same woman 3 times! btw-not that it matters, but I think that’s Zsa Zsa. Hungarian. What a language!