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  1. greenearthman commented on Zen Pencils about 14 hours ago

    Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks, that’s all it says. And Ali was that.

  2. greenearthman commented on Doonesbury about 15 hours ago

    Geez, what a shame. My wife used to work for some Lebanese immigrants, and they were afraid to send their sons back home for summer vacation, for fear that they might be killed by the Israelis, or Marianite Christian or militant Muslim militias, or be drafted. The Lebanese community is a really great bunch, and a great addition to our American tapestry. These folks were Druse(look it up), but Druse, Christian, or Muslim, they all considered one another family. Wonderful people, and this pitiful situation has gone on and on…neither crying nor drones can help.

  3. greenearthman commented on Big Nate about 15 hours ago

    Both Nate and Teddy are horrified. In elementary school, I would have been the nerd with the book—and loving it.(It was @ 50 minutes to school on the bus.)

  4. greenearthman commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    Whatcha reading Toon? Game of tomes?

  5. greenearthman commented on Beardo 24 days ago

    It’s usually cat stuff that they recycle.

  6. greenearthman commented on Tarzan 27 days ago

    She’s waiting to hear a King Gong.

  7. greenearthman commented on Tarzan 30 days ago

    Tarzan is wearing that loincloth that they made Maureen O’Sullivan stop wearing after one or two movies. Watch her and learn, girls. Much, much sexier than Bo Derek running around naked for half the movie, 50 years later!

  8. greenearthman commented on Doonesbury 30 days ago

    Well…he did say he was suing Maher for claiming that he was the bast@rd son of an orangutan(g). Maher said igain the next wek.

  9. greenearthman commented on Dark Side of the Horse 30 days ago

    Well, so am I and I will not be falling into a black hole anytime soon-unlike Horace’s ball.

  10. greenearthman commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Sorry. I was going to turn this conservation in a political direction, but thought better of it.