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  1. Miserichord commented on Doonesbury 2 days ago

    The proper response to a madman who has just shot the teacher in a college classroom is for everyone in the classroom to start throwing books, tablets, cellphones, whatever at the gunman, allowing several of the more physically capable students to tackle the gunman and beat him to an unconscious bloody pulp.
    Adult unwilling and unprepared to act in defense of themselves and others are called victims.
    Other situations, other responses. Children are to be protected by adults. One possibility is having trained, armed response personnel present in all elementary, middle and high schools, be those hired guards or armed staff.

  2. Miserichord commented on Doonesbury 2 days ago

    Possibly the most statesman like thing Jeb Bush has ever said.
    Rushing to do SOMETHING about a crisis nearly always results in doing the wrong thing, or creating serious unintended consequences.
    The US Government is set up with the House of Representatives , the Senate, and calls for the Chief Executive (President) to either approve or reject (veto) any legislation.
    The intent is for any response to a crisis to be slow enough to allow time for due consideration and reasoned response.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

  3. Miserichord commented on Monty 11 days ago

    Those aren’t stars, just fireflies swarming around the boat. Notice that they change position in each panel.

  4. Miserichord commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    The government didn’t build any of those.
    It simply acted as a middleman, passing funds from the people to the construction firms, peace officers, firemen, etc., while taking a significant cut of the funds for itself.
    None of the things you mentioned require a government to exist. Volunteer fire departments, peace officers supported by fines and fees, and privately built, operated and owned toll roads have all existed in the absence of a supporting government.

  5. Miserichord commented on Monty 13 days ago

    Put him in bed with the fishman’s daughter,
    Put him in bed with the fishman’s daughter,
    Put him in bed with the fishman’s daughter,
    Early in the morning?

  6. Miserichord commented on Non Sequitur 13 days ago

    It’s just you.

  7. Miserichord commented on Non Sequitur 19 days ago

    Not quite. Assuming you are referring to “Starship Troopers”, the military took control after a global nuclear war. As there are good reasons for the military to be under civilian control, when the military returned control to the civilians, they required that elected officials have prior public service experience (military, peace corps, park service, etc.), as the global nuclear war resulted from the government not understanding the true horror of war. The requirement remained in effect simply because is worked.
    This was specifically pointed out in the novel.

  8. Miserichord commented on Non Sequitur 19 days ago

    Not the privates, the non- commissioned officers (NCOs). They have always run the military.

  9. Miserichord commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    There’s also the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, and the Constitution Party, ll active on the national level, as well as over two dozen minor parties.

    None have received more than 3% of the vote in Presidential campaigns, and typically receive 1% or less.

  10. Miserichord commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    Nonsense. The was no rebellion. The states voted to secede from the Union, a power reserved to the States under the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution.
    The Union and the Confederacy then entered into a state of war, which resulted in the Union invading and conquering a sovereign nation.

    The Power to secede was stripped from the States by a USSC decision in Texas v. White, 74 U.S. 700 (1869), years after the fact.