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  1. Nairebis commented on Doonesbury 20 days ago

    I’d think very few young up-and-coming cartoonists are eyeing the newspaper as their ticket to future fame. I’m 50, and I actually take a newspaper (LA Times), but what’s the rate of people under 30? 2%, maybe? And I don’t even know why I take it. I almost canceled it at one point, and the LA Times called me and gave me an “offer I couldn’t refuse”. Almost free daily delivery, just so I’d keep it.

  2. Nairebis commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    Apparently Tim was feeling really lazy when he drew this strip. The first and third panels are just mirror images of each other.

  3. Nairebis commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    While I agree with the idea that money is corrupting, it’s worth giving the additional context of the Supreme Court’s ruling. There is a reason for what they said:

    “The line between quid pro quo corruption and general influence must be respected in order to safeguard basic First Amendment rights, and the Court must err on the side of protecting political speech rather than suppressing it.”

    So the point isn’t that the Supreme Court believes money doesn’t influence politicians, it’s that the Supreme Court gives a lot of weight to not suppressing the freedom of speech of the people.

  4. Nairebis commented on Michael Ramirez 3 months ago

    What we’ve done to ourselves since then is worse than what the terrorists did.

    Disband the DHS and TSA.

  5. Nairebis commented on Michael Ramirez 4 months ago

    I used to think the Democrats were the problem, until my eyes started to open. The Truth is — both parties are burning down the house, just from different sides of the house. Both parties are exactly as much to blame. And there isn’t a third party that isn’t wacko, leaving — nothing, for me at least.

    What we really need is for people to wake up and stop being manipulated by the major parties. Not only stop being manipulated by the major media, but stop being manipulated by people like Rush Limbaugh, who cynically fan the flames of his listeners, and fosters an “us versus them” mentality. “Us” and “Them” are equally to blame for the problems in society these days.

    I keep hoping people will wake up and stop demonizing the other side from “their” side. Neither party cares about the country, and both parties are doing ludicrously stupid things that hurt the country and step on the rights and freedom of the people.

  6. Nairebis commented on The Meaning of Lila 4 months ago

    Mean for an effect maybe, but I had the same thought. I was really irritated with yesterday’s strip, but today I just started asking myself why I read it. I hate these characters. It’s fine to hate characters that are amusing, but they’re not. Unless you’re amused by someone being pointlessly mean to someone. Apparently the strip writer thinks it’s funny. There’s no setup here… no reason for them to be like this, hence no situational humor. We’re supposed to laugh — just because they’re mean to someone else.

    Anyway, I’ve always hated Lila as a character anyway, but occasionally the strip was amusing. But today I finally crossed over into being more irritated than entertained, so time to say goodbye to Lila.

    (Normally when I drop a comic I don’t bother to post anything, but in this case I thought it was interesting that others had the same thought.)

  7. Nairebis commented on Brewster Rockit 8 months ago

    If Spongebob PJs are wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  8. Nairebis commented on Peanuts 10 months ago

    I actually think this strip is subversive in the same way that the “Great Pumpkin” is subversive: they both point out that religious and imaginary characters are exactly alike.

    Many people think that Charles Schulz had some rock-ribbed Christian beliefs, but it is not true. He had doubts all his life, and in the late 80s, he said, “I do not go to church anymore… I guess you might say I’ve come around to secular humanism, an obligation I believe all humans have to others and the world we live in.”

    I think his doubts come through in his strips, though he didn’t make it blatant.

  9. Nairebis commented on Steve Breen 11 months ago

    Yeah, David, damn those “Republican” judges, forcing politicians to follow the law when spending my money! Why can’t they just see that a bullet train is really cool and just let the illegal financing slide? Sheesh

    My question is, I believe the law has requirements that the train has to make stops in under a certain amount of time, and my understanding is that the current plan nowhere near meets those performance standards. Why isn’t this project shut down on that basis?

    Please let this be the final death nail in this stupid project of total corruption.

  10. Nairebis commented on Non Sequitur about 1 year ago

    Yeah, I hate having a miracle device in my pocket that people 50 years ago dreamed of as “The Future”… instant access to the world’s knowledge and information, instant news, a live satellite map that instantly locates me anywhere in the world, a book library larger than anyone in history, a music library, a cinema, a movie studio, a star constellation map (complete with compass), a scientific calculator, instant weather reports and satellite images, and oh yeah, a telephone. And that’s just scratching the surface.

    And all this fits in your pocket and costs a pittance.

    How spoiled are modern people… they’re living in the science fiction future and don’t even realize it.