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Dick Tracy

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  1. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    “PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease … :)”

    As the saying goes . . .

    “Live in Hope and you won’t Die in Despair”

    My gut feel tells me, one will be there . . .

    ’Don’t mind’ that these same guys once ridiculed them . . . calling them “Flying Garbage Cans” ;-)

  2. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    As you look at these Jokers today Flashing Guns (and those from earlier this week) - you got to pause and wonder WHAT their “end of the day” plan is ?

    They know the building is “surrounded”, no ‘way out’, save the helicopter (now cut off*!) and perhaps a ‘super secret’ exit (a-la-Axelrod) but ‘known’ only to a select few?

    So ‘WHERE’ do they GO from here by fighting ?
    Makes ‘sense’ only as a temporary delay, and IF there IS an escape route available.

    Why take a bullet or death when in the Wizard like World of Mr. Kleen, continuous BAIL Is synonymous with freedom and JAIL is only an overnight stop ?

    Just ask the “experienced” *Doubleup
    , B-B Eyes or Mumbles, given their “Out Time” Freedom - since 2011 !
    99% ?

    Beats the “Heck Out” of Fighting and near Death Risk !

  3. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    “Mumbles, so fast he ran away, will live to mangle enunciation another day.”

    Lovely, ‘one liner’ there - today . . .

  4. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    Rather ‘amazing’ - that Mumbles shoots at Tracy (from “point blank range”) and misses ! ?

    B-B Eyes was ‘punched out’ by Tracy in the new Mr. Crime saga (2012) and taken into custody by Sam.
    All the others save (earlier escaping) Blaze took a shot.
    Guess, it was B-B Eyes’ ‘turn’ this year ! ?

    Maybe TIME for him to ‘move on’ and out . . . ?
    Re-launched from a 1942 watery grave - on July 2, 2011, he’s been on these pages in a ‘prominent’ manner every year since !
    It’s easy to observe that we have become ‘too accustomed’ to his face !
    Would be good to see Fresh New Faces emerging ! ?

    As fredville more ‘politely’ hinted (above), Mike and Joe have shown, that they are quite capable of creating new villains, that can ‘proudly stand’ alongside the ‘memorable’ ones, that have gone before.

  5. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 26 days ago

    “I’ve been mulling over all the details (and it’s HARD to keep track)…. I’m thinking Diet Smith knows a lot more than he’s let on- not only to the present crowd, but to Tracy as well”.

    Got to agree on both counts . . .

    Of course, you might recall his eventual ‘confession’ on what really amounted to the murder of Doctors Sail and Ghote and pilot Munro . . . (see below) . . .
    And it seems Tracy found a way to give him a pass . . .

    15th April 2014

    16th April 2014

    My opinion is that Mike’s Moon Valley decision (no oxygen, they had to leave) was a ‘pretty smart’ one.
    With a Moon Maid of ‘sorts’ coming back and Honeymoon growing up, it took the pressure of the table for a “reconciliation”
    He could still have them, but hold them off at a ‘distance’, until he was ready to “call”.
    Check it out on a coming Summer up ahead !
    One of the unique “tools” Mike has as a writer - is that he can make almost ANYTHING” happen !!
    If in balance he thinks the fans and his Editors will BUY into it, and it makes a good story . . . he could have Diet make a complete change of mind on all the things he’s dropped and now against.

    The current disbandment of all his EXOTIC ‘research’ could be reversed and likely, with sound reasons given to do so.

    It’s the ACE tower or card “up his sleeve” !

    He knows only ‘too well’ - that “most” of the readers here ‘cut their teeth’ on Dick Tracy during the Moon Era and enjoy continuing aspects of it, but would not like it everyday, every morning, noon and night !

    So it’s part of his ‘writing style’ to seem to ‘take it away’ from you (so you want it back), readers ‘shake’ the panels, and then he gives you a taste again (like he’s doing now)
    But the ‘trick is’, not to overplay his hand !

    Additionally, those (the ‘few’ today ;-) that dislike the Moon Era, convince themselves that he’s “balanced”. And he really IS !

    I might not be around, but I’ll BET you’ll see the Moon people again - and ‘participating’ far more meaningfully in the story line . . .
    Look for it within the next 3 or 4 years as the main Summer story.
    It will be a Big Hit ! … and readers will go Wild

    Mike, Joe and their Team, are doing a fantastic job !
    But when they ‘slip’ (and at times they do), we should tell them.
    Tracy will no doubt rebound, but his track record these past 4 months, has been a ’lousy one ! ;-)

  6. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    . . . Christine is dead or alive?”

    Very much dead . . .
    Arrested, handcuffed and being transported in an Air Car she struggled and also fell, (possibly, intentionally?) into a factory chimney far below.
    A search eventually found her remains a little lump around a melted pair of handcuffs.
    So she is likely gone . . . unless she did a “B-B Eyes” ? He too was “handcuffed” but miraculously found and Aqua Lung, and with hands in that ‘condition’ - somehow managed to swim to safety.
    Not sure if the Authors would like to “FLY” another ‘questionable’ one like that _past" the readers.
    Think we should just be happy, Bribery has survived !
    ‘Great character’, as other have noted !

  7. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    That kidnapping of Diet Smith looked so smoothly done
    One might think, as simple as changing 0ne’s avatar on the Board.

    The seemingly difficult things, appear so effortless, when the Writer wants it so . . .
    Not unlike Chet Gould telling us that Bribery had detailed Blueprints for the Space Coupe, but he then decided. it was simpler to steal one, and had two men with NASA helmets pretend to be observers, and ‘ipso facto’ had one in their possession - ready for Mr. B, the very same day !

    Speaking of avatars, noticed that Vista Bill has had a recent history of introducing new ones ! ?

    Strange that he’s not been “tempted” to use the Rikki - likeness ?
    Those that use the Moon Maid symbolism are legion !

  8. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    @ avenger09

    Think I’ll join Chris and Morrow in extending congratulations. It’s a softer side of the old you expressed with understanding.

    Rather ‘liked it’ too, that Rightwingmoron looked in the mirror and saw the ‘same thing’!

  9. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    “In 1943. And still a boy? At which fountain of youth did he drink? "

    Well you don’t have to be a ‘member’ to know that Little Orphan Annie first appeared in the New York Sunday News on August 5th 1925.
    If we assume she was 9 years old (?) at the time, she’d certainly have hit the 100 mark - come the first Wednesday of next month.

    A “cranky” age perhaps(?) to talk of the first attempted kiss (good for a smile ;-) , but then, we got to close our eyes and realize, that in the comics she’s the same Age for ALL time !

  10. Sydney Phillips GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    @Gweedo – it’s legal here iii – Murray

    Aren’t you worried that Vista Biil might politely ask, if this is ‘like’ his current version of Rikki ?
    There’ the old saying “Third Time Lucky” !

    I know it’s not ‘Don’, the abbreviated phrasing dropped the T in don’t, so it must just be your ‘old time’ Charm working there ?