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  1. GretchensMom commented on Cathy about 12 hours ago

    Cathy, you desperately need to seek some heavy-duty therapy because you’ve got some real deep-seated “relationship” issues going on here and they’re not normal ones either! :-O


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    lindz.coop: You’re absolutely right. Irving’s mother is such a de-spicable shrew of a woman that, yes, for all intents and purposes, he pretty much was raised in a barn, wasn’t he?! Poor guy. I don’t know much about his father, but let’s face it: as the absolute biggest influence in his life growing up, he never really stood a chance with someone like HER for a mother! :-P


    Hello and Happy Monday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really great weekend a very nice day today too! :-)


  2. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 1 day ago

    Thank goodness I’ve got a civilized husband who not only knows what a cutlery tray is but how to actually use it too . . . and no, I didn’t have anything to do with that either. That (and more) was all his dear mother’s doing because she had enough sense to raise her son respectfully and not like he was born in a barn!


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    ptlover: LOL . . . I love it! :-D


    hendelca: Brrrrrrr . . . my condolences at your 4C° temps. today! The last couple of days in Southern Indiana where I live has been around 60° for the high but it’s much warmer today at 75° (how-ever, it’s right back down into the 60’s again starting tomorrow though).


    Hello and Happy Sunday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really great weekend! :-)


  3. GretchensMom commented on Ziggy 1 day ago

    Ziggy would have to actually be wearing pants in order to have a pocket to carry dog treats in! ;-)

  4. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 2 days ago

    We only have one dog in our family and she’s always referred to as “the baby” around here even though she’s 14 now - long past her actual “baby” (aka: puppy) years. As for my mom, she always refers to “the baby” as her “grand-dog” and, of course, to our dog, Mom is “Grandma.” We don’t expect to outlive our dog but if, God forbid, something unexpected should happen to us, we’ve willed her to my mother and since she has a habit of spoiling our dog worse than we do, it’s a great comfort knowing that “the baby” would be well taken care of and want for absolutely nothing when it comes to the love, toy and treat departments of life, that’s for sure! ;)


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    Hello and Happy Saturday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone’s been having a really great weekend so far! :-)


  5. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 3 days ago

    For a moment there, I thought they were talking about their dogs because this is exactly how mine is. She can’t hear you calling her name when she’s on the scent of something out in the back-yard but has no problem at all hearing the slight crinkling-sound of a potato chip bag being opened no matter how softly we try to do it . . . even if she’s sound asleep or is as far away as the base-ment. It simply doesn’t matter because that dog has positively supernatural hearing when it comes to food! Next thing we know, we’re giving her a dog biscuit out of guilt because she’s looking at us with those big, brown, hungry eyes and it’s almost as if you could hear her saying: “You know, it looks as though you’re eating something tasty, so don’t you think that it’s only fair that I should be eating something tasty too?!” ;-)


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    Hello and Happy Friday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really nice day today! :-)


  6. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 5 days ago

    These two are completely pathetic. No wonder they’re ALL so pudgy. I feel sorry for Electra and Vivian being stuck with the hot mess that is Cathy and Irving for their “pet parents”! :-(


    Meanwhile, given how disorganized Cathy and Irving are, how on earth do either one of them manage to hold down a steady, full-time job?!?


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    QuietStorm27: I really miss our dear friends, Aaron and Dr. Billy, and think about them every singe day when I come here, hopeful that today’s the day they’ll be back, only to be disappointed yet again to find them still missing from our lives. I often wonder if their disappearance had anything to do with Hurricane Sandy that happened around the time we last heard from them or if may-be something happened to Aaron due to his numerous health issues and Dr. Billy simply can’t bring himself to come back here without him. I just don’t know and the NOT knowing part bothers me a whole lot more than I think the knowing part actually would — no matter HOW bad it might be. They’ve been gone for a pretty long time now but as you can see by my message to them yes-terday, I still haven’t given up hope that maybe they will come back again someday. Just trying to keep the faith that if they’re able to, they still check in from time to time (even though they don’t post a comment) and can see that their friends here on “Cathy’s Corner” still love, care about and haven’t forgotten them despite how long it’s been and that we’d more than welcome them back with open arms should they ever decide to rejoin us again! ♥


    Hello and Happy Thursday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really great day today! :-)

  7. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 6 days ago


    Aaron & Dr. Billy:


    The last time we heard from you was 4 years ago today. All your friends here on “Cathy’s Corner” love and miss you both so much! Wherever you are, we pray you’re happy, healthy, safe and doing well. We still haven’t given up the hope that you’ll come back and rejoin us here again someday!!!!! ♥


  8. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    Yep, this is how my sister and I used to “play” together when we were kids too - only much worse than this! ;)


    Meanwhile, Electra and Vivian have been living together for the last 8 months since Cathy and Irving got married so you’d think they’d both be used to the other dog — and their human — by now!


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    lindz.coop & QuietStorm27: Thank you BOTH for your sweet words. I sure do love all my friends here on “Cathy’s Corner”! :-)


    Hello and Happy Wednesday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really nice day today! :-)


  9. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    Rewarding dogs for bad behavior will only cause them to engage in even more bad behavior. At this point, scolding them will do nothing to help teach them a lesson as they won’t associate the angry words with the “crime” they committed. Everything possible needs to be picked up and put away so the dogs can’t get to it and if the destruction continues, then the best course of action would be for Cathy and Irving to crate Electra and Vivian while they’re at work so they won’t have any more opportunities to ruin anything else while they’re home alone all day by themselves.


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    lightenup: You’re welcome, Sis! Hope you and your hubby had a really great one! :-)


    lindz.coop: While I don’t know everyone’s special days here, I always make sure to add them to my calendar if and when I become aware of them so that I can wish my special “Cathy’s Corner” friends a really great day the next time it rolls around. More changes are coming to G.C. soon but what those are, no one seems to know just yet. Hopefully one of them is to restore our ability to add images again so that I can go back to including nice pictures to go along with my “Happy” messages - just like I used to be able to do. In my opinion, that’s what made them really special! :)


    Hello and Happy Tuesday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really great day today! :-)


  10. GretchensMom commented on Cathy 7 days ago

    Times sure have changed since today’s comic was first published back in 2005. If this were Cathy today, she’d be showing them 175 pictures of her living room on her Smartphone instead. I won-der what we’ll be looking at pictures on 11 years from now?!?


    Hi, rgcviper! :-)


    lindz.coop: Happy belated anniversary. Hope it was a really great one! Sorry, I didn’t know about it or I would have said something last Wednesday. But I’ve got it down on my calendar for next year now though! ;-)


    Hello and Happy Monday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope everyone had a really great day today! :-)