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  1. rampaw commented on La Cucaracha 16 days ago

    “Filled with shame”? Impossible. Trump has no shame.

  2. rampaw commented on The Norm Classics about 1 month ago

    Young readers are saying, “What’s that?!”

  3. rampaw commented on Prickly City 3 months ago

    dictionary.com doesn’t know “cankley” or “cankle.” It’s hard to get the joke when the words aren’t real.

  4. rampaw commented on Betty 6 months ago

    Why are they reading it on the TV?

  5. rampaw commented on Graffiti 7 months ago

    There’s no fine line: It’s preaching when it applies to them and meddling when it applies to me.

  6. rampaw commented on Mike du Jour 8 months ago

    Isn’t “stimulate relaxation” an oxymoron?

  7. rampaw commented on Clay Jones 11 months ago

    Nohwear, you need to study some church history. There was that little thing called the Crusades. And Christians have killed Christians for being the wrong kind of Christians.

  8. rampaw commented on Aunty Acid 11 months ago

    “think think”…Don’t you guys have copy editors?

  9. rampaw commented on Graffiti 11 months ago

    Money may be enough, but there’s never enough money.

  10. rampaw commented on Graffiti 12 months ago

    I always heard that was the definition of preaching. I guess it can be pretty much the same thing.