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  1. TexTech commented on Non Sequitur about 17 hours ago

    Nate, get off of the Fox GOP propaganda machine and try using some real news outlets. I have never read anything about Hillary Clinton doing anything to any of the women with whom Bill had dalliances. Unless you count various Republican outlets. That has been the only place i have seen that. No reliable news outlet has ever reported on such “abuse.” And the laughing about getting a child rapist off was a bit of fancy, out-of-context editing that produced that fake outrage. Look at the entire clip and you will see Hillary is doing nothing like that with which she is being accused. After forty years, the Republicans have still not come up with anyuting provable about the Clintons except maybe if the Republicans repeat a lie long and loud enough, it will become truth.

  2. TexTech commented on Doonesbury 1 day ago

    Jeremy may be the end result of all that inbreeding among the members of the monied class. You see where that gets you. jeremy.

  3. TexTech commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    I figured the blonde for a teeny tiny bikini.

  4. TexTech commented on Brian McFadden 1 day ago

    Not necessarily true. Some state has turned redistricting over to a non-partisan commission. This is not to say politics will not enter into the selection of the commission members but so long as it is a balanced number, extreme gerrymandering will be hard to pull off.

  5. TexTech commented on Tank McNamara 3 days ago

    Guess I am just very old school. What is wrong with getting in the end zone, getting the touchdown recognized, then tossing the ball to the ref and walking back to your bench? Is that too much to ask? I guess it is today.

  6. TexTech commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    Is Varvel suggesting that if the GOP gain power that they will begin to be concerned for the poor and not pander to the wealthy? That would be a change. And a most unlikely one at that!

  7. TexTech commented on Candorville 7 days ago

    I might be worried about what was in the emails if there was anything in the emails to be worried about. And I have not seen anyone mention the curious fact that the Putin-praising Trump has not had any of his emails put out for public display. A recent article has made it clear that it is not because of superior security on Trump’s servers. According to the article, a good high school age hacker wtih publicaly available tools could easily hack into Trump’s business computer and I doubt his campaign computers are any more secure.

  8. TexTech commented on Doonesbury 14 days ago

    Now that is some great snark!

  9. TexTech commented on Bloom County 14 days ago

    Yeah, I guess a world where no one had nuclear weapons and the possibility of total world annihilation did not exist would be a bad thing. What were those hippies thinking?

  10. TexTech commented on Signe Wilkinson 15 days ago

    A most interesting (and accurate) analysis. I have seen a recorded course on the psychology of our irrational financial behaviour. It sounded very interesting and right along with your view.