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  1. TexTech commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    Dang. Just thirty minutes too late. You got my idea. I also thought Garfield was pretty tight with the pizza delivery guy or gal.

  2. TexTech commented on Baldo 2 days ago

    The car is still running? It’s a wonder the engine hasn’t siezed up by now.

  3. TexTech commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    This secretary is a keeper. She is willing to cover for the boss. She has no idea where he is living. Yeah, right! Does she have a crush on Mike or something? Is that why she is protecting him from the “evil” JJ?

  4. TexTech commented on Candorville 9 days ago

    Okay. This is the second time in two days I have seen “dumpster fire.” Will someone please fill me in on the background for this meme?

  5. TexTech commented on Bloom County 9 days ago

    How old IS the major? That looksk to be a WW I pot he is wearing. If he is a WW I vet, then he would have to be pushing 90 around the time of this strip. Don’t think there were too many “Great War” vets left by 1986-1988.

  6. TexTech commented on Garfield 11 days ago

    I think you two need to get a better life than you have now.

  7. TexTech commented on For Better or For Worse 11 days ago

    Been off the 1 meter (low) board many times. Maybe off of the 3 meter (high) board a time or two but the memory is fuzzy on that point. And then there was the hotel in town that had an actual 10 meter diving platform. I was never remotely tempted to jump from that sucker. And by the way, the pool did have a 16-18 foot deep diving well beneath the platform.

  8. TexTech commented on Tim Eagan 12 days ago

    Your best source for unbiased news of the (dis)United States is probably going to be the BBC if you can get their shortwave broadcasts.

  9. TexTech commented on The Boondocks 14 days ago

    Can’t go wrong with Lightnin’ Hopkins, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Willie Johnson, or John Lee Hooker to say nothing of the last of the great blues masters, Mr. B. B. King.

  10. TexTech commented on Shoe 18 days ago

    Actually, the Social Securty Trust Fund has more than enough assets. Unfortunately, most of it consists of uncollectiable IOUs from Congress which has repeatedly raided it over the years to help balance budgets. And both parties are guilty of it. I work in insurance and the original SS Act was designed to actuarily sound. Money coming in plus earnings reduced by actuarily calcuated death rates would keep it completely self-funding. They only failed to factor in robbery by Congress. All I can say is that if a trustee of any other kind of trust fund did what Congress ahs done, said trustee would be in prison for a very long time.