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  1. 3Xp4t commented on C'est la Vie about 7 years ago

    Turns out Mona cares about something. Other than cigarettes. Who’d a’thunk ..?   Hey,,, maybe she’ll even care about a person. Some day. Maybe.

  2. 3Xp4t commented on Brewster Rockit about 7 years ago

    Actually, I think Brewster is more like that bear hunter that always gets caught by the bear. I don’t think he’s in this for the hunting.   It seems, at this point, that Brewster is enjoying the various probes he’s subjected to. Pam’s just going to have to get in line and wait her turn, like everyone else …

  3. 3Xp4t commented on MythTickle about 7 years ago

    I suspect Justin may have edited the movie titles to make it more contemporary. If it’s truly an ancient Mythtickle, the original movie may have been The Passion of the Christ, for example. Some highly controversial film(s) like that.   What’s even more ancient is the word “Bijou;” I don’t think I’ve seen that in actual use for close to about 20 years now.

  4. 3Xp4t commented on Doonesbury about 7 years ago

    I’ll bet that the first thing Havoc felt when he read the news can be accurately described as a “thrill.” Of impending doom. Love that spooky double-speak …

  5. 3Xp4t commented on MythTickle about 7 years ago

    LOLZ! Justin – that’s hysterical! You’ve got about two dozen jokes in that one panel.   I like how you are experimenting with different layouts. There is no need to stick with only one, strict format. You can use a different format each day, as far as I’m concerned. Let the gag or the story you want to tell each day decide what format it needs and go with it.   For an example (one of many), check out Sandra and Woo:   • http://www.sandraandwoo.com/   He does black & white, sometimes with dramatic &/or subtle coloration. He does full, glorious color. He does any size & shape panel that he’s in the mood for.   It’s all good. Do what keeps it interesting and fun for you.   If you want to do one or two magazine covers like this each month, it could be a great running gag.

  6. 3Xp4t commented on Doonesbury over 7 years ago

    RinaFarina says: “What’s MLK??” “OK, I have learned a few internet acronyms, but there are always new ones…”   That has to be one of the saddest things I’ve read online in about half a decade. (hangs head and weeps, with feeling)

  7. 3Xp4t commented on C'est la Vie over 7 years ago

    Sisyphos says: “Mona, why care so much about the ex-shrink?”   Hmmmm. Maybe Mona has some sort of repressed crush on her shrink ..? THAT might explain a whole lot about Mona, and lead to a whole new breakthrough: inability to have a relationship with the remaining 50% of humanity. ESPECIALLY see 3rd panel from yesterday.

  8. 3Xp4t commented on C'est la Vie over 7 years ago

    Just wait ‘til she gets Monsieur Smokey’s bill … he may just tack on a few years worth of time for past services.

  9. 3Xp4t commented on Candorville over 7 years ago

    The kid in the first panel (speaking) is probably Clyde.

  10. 3Xp4t commented on MythTickle over 7 years ago

    Bad idea to start a taunting war if you can’t take the stings and arrows that return fire …