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  1. wcorvi commented on Get Fuzzy 2 days ago

    Once I was selling corn at a farmer’s market for a dollar a dozen. At the end of the morning, I had eight left, and a lady wasn’t about to pay full price for the dregs. But she was perfectly tickled to get them for 10c apiece.

  2. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 6 days ago

    Like Bill Cosby was in bed with all of them?

  3. wcorvi commented on Bad Reporter 9 days ago

    In Tim Weiner’s new book, it becomes obvious who carried out Nixon’s campaign of saturation bombing in Cambodia – it was John McCain (the father). Maybe Trump isn’t so far off base.

  4. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 9 days ago

    I suppose this isn’t the time to bring up Bill Cosby.

  5. wcorvi commented on Calvin and Hobbes 11 days ago

    That fully explains MicroSoft.

  6. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 12 days ago

    At one time, all that was needed to cross our border was a voter registration card. At that time, a LOT of people were getting them illegally, for some odd reason.

  7. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 19 days ago

    Seems like the political strategy equivalent of stuffing your bra in junior high.

  8. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 26 days ago

    The anti-death-penalty crowd got the painless drugs stopped, so they could protest the pain.

  9. wcorvi commented on Bloom County 26 days ago

    I think that strip had the ugliest kids and the least humor of any ever written. Maybe Mary Worthless was as bad on the humor end.

  10. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 26 days ago

    When I die, I want to go quietly, in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming and clawing at the windows, like the passengers in his car.