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  1. wcorvi commented on Over the Hedge 2 days ago

    …and that will be replaced by a COMPUTER? We ALL know computers don’t make mistakes!

  2. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 5 days ago

    The opposition kind of hoped the Dems would pick someone so bad no one could vote for her. That kind of backfired, though.

  3. wcorvi commented on Mike Luckovich 9 days ago

    Yea, I can tell you. If no one else had semi-automatic weapons, then I wouldn’t need my semi-automatic weapon to defend myself against them.

    There are no longer gun nuts – there are gun-CONTROL nuts.

  4. wcorvi commented on The Meaning of Lila 12 days ago

    I know EXACTLY what you mean – people figure that just because I’m male, I can pound a nail or take a mouse out of a trap.

  5. wcorvi commented on Pearls Before Swine 15 days ago

    I still have a corded telephone! I cancelled the service to it about 20 years ago, but it still hangs on the wall. Period piece.

  6. wcorvi commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 18 days ago

    The problem isn’t that we “low-information voters” don’t know enough about Trump, it’s that we know too much.

  7. wcorvi commented on Bad Reporter 25 days ago

    I enrolled at Trump U. mostly to meet coeds.

  8. wcorvi commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Nope, completely wrong. It’s McCain who looks like the Fallen One.

  9. wcorvi commented on Bob the Squirrel about 1 month ago

    I suppose squirrels don’t like ice cream, of any flavour.

    {I have to spell it that way, or I get a spellcheck error}

  10. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    The point of banning abortion (and birth control as well) is because the baby is god’s punishment for screwing around. So is the pain of childbirth. That’s why we don’t give a flying one for the kid after it’s born – that just STILL makes the woman’s life worse. Let’s just be honest about it.