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  1. Florchi commented on Gaturro about 19 hours ago

    MARK TRAIL: Where is the beach? We must be on the other side of the island…???

    JUDGE PARKER: @ david – a very good question. I gather this diner is in Cavelton…near the Spencer Ranch.

    REX MORGAN: This strip is raising an important issue.

    FUNKY W: ….CINDY!!! …entering from stage right (actually stage left, house right…if we were in a theater).

  2. Florchi commented on Gaturro about 20 hours ago

    GATURRO: @ david – apparently it’s an Argentinian thing. I found this explanation: “Che (Spanish: is an interjection (i.e. a vocative expression) commonly used in Argentina.” A vocative expression is used to address the reader or listener directly.

  3. Florchi commented on Gaturro about 21 hours ago

    GATURRO: “Dear Santa Claus…” G. writes that he has behaved well and did not break anything. And that “My owner adores me. My teacher put me at all 10, I am a model student. And Agatha loves me and says that I am the Cat of her life.” Then he says something like “Good, Che, some pious lies…I will not ask for historical accuracy.” In other words, G’s letter to Santa may not be quite the truth …note his grin and half-closed eyelids in the last panel.

    PHANTOM: @ woodworker & marvee – Late on 12/6, I commented here with a recap of Lee Falk’s introduction to the current story: ..three paths are going to intersect on account of a postage stamp (Orson Burley! Ms. Akinyi Ogutu! & the Jungle Patrol!). We should be seeing more of Ms. Ogutu & the JP soon. I wonder if this is going to be one of P’s long adventures.

  4. Florchi commented on Gaturro 2 days ago

    GATURRO: Thanks,david! I like today’s strip…and G’s expression in the last panel!

    PHANTOM: Charles stops the car, and has something to tell Orson.

    MARY WORTH: Mary asks a good question.

    FUNKY W: Mason shows concern for Marianne…but what about Cindy?

  5. Florchi commented on Gaturro 3 days ago

    GATURRO/CATS: Dogs are trainable and may go to “school,” but who ever heard of a cat going to school?! Cats are born knowing everything they need to know and they just get annoyed if you try to teach them anything else. @ marvee – good point about the beginning of summer in Argentina, where this strip originates. I hadn’t thought about that!

  6. Florchi commented on Gaturro 3 days ago

    GATURRO: It is the last day of classes (reiterated by the writing on the board). In panel 2, the teacher wants to know if G. learned anything and he responds that he didn’t learn anything during the year…and then in panel 3 he exclaims, “But this last day of school I learned what happiness is!!”

    PHANTOM: LOL! I love the expression on P’s face in panel 2. Panel #1 shows a replay of the flashback we saw on 11/17 (with the visible mark of the skull on the prisoner’s cheek). Take a look at Chauffeur Charles’ right cheek on 11/14 & 11/16…did he have the mark removed…or does he cover it with makeup?

    JUDGE PARKER: A surprise…this Cavelton arc is about the kidnapping!

    MARY WORTH: Is Iris planning to “take the relationship further” on the first date? This conversation seems premature….

    REX MORGAN: I am sticking with the prediction I made yesterday…Sarah will be fine by 12/25 (our time).

  7. Florchi commented on Gaturro 4 days ago

    PHANTOM: The driver, Charles, has met P. before and apparently prefers to keep his distance, as he (Charles) carries the mark of the skull from P’s ring on his right cheek (see 11/17)! At the beginning of this adventure, creator Lee Falk appeared and told us that three paths are going to intersect on account of a postage stamp (Orson Burley! Ms. Akinyi Ogutu! & the Jungle Patrol!). See 11/7 – 11/12. Falk referred to Burley as “a titian driven by what he thinks is a harmless hobby.” I am enjoying this story while I wonder how Ms. Ogutu and the Jungle Patrol are going to fit into the adventure.

  8. Florchi commented on Gaturro 4 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: Someone at CK posted that we should give up on this strip’s making any sense and just to view it as one would a Fellini movie – a really bad Fellini movie.

    FUNKY W: Bad-boy Frankie’s TV news “expose” has Movie Star Mason Jarr in big trouble. Is that Mason’s producer…or his dad?

    MARY WORTH: Iris admits to being tempted.

    REX MORGAN: I predict that Sarah will be OK…by Christmas.

    MARK TRAIL: I hope they escape the lava flow by the New Year.

  9. Florchi commented on Gaturro 4 days ago

    GATURRO: The professor says, “Students, today the class will be about ‘sayings’ .” G. is not enthused saying something like, “Much noise and little note.” The professor starts the saying, and G. is supposed to finish it The one who eats a lot…has to diet. (panel 4) Don’t leave for tomorrow…what you can do last night. (panel 6) CERO means ZERO (panel 8).

  10. Florchi commented on Gaturro 5 days ago

    I too noticed that the Foxtrot Espanol is back up (after a month). However, I think we’re enjoying the colorful Gaturro strips and, in addition to the multi-panel color strips, I like opening up the commentary to cats, etc. It’s a nice change; I like it here!