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  1. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 17 minutes ago

    JUDGE PARKER: I agree. I was going to comment on the 3 panels, 3 story arcs about an hour ago, but then my computer went into update mode. :-(
    REX MORGAN: There is some discussion at CK re the difference (or non-difference) between Loft & Attic. My take is that an attic is a space under the roof that is above and “closed off” from the rest of the house, while a loft is a living space just below the roof that is “open” to the living space below.

  2. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 1 day ago

    FOXTROT ESP: I had to look at the English version as I didn’t realize “ajedrez” translates as “chess”! Jason starts a game on the computer, but that’s not what Roger had in mind (panel 3).

  3. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 1 day ago

    PHANTOM: @ woodworker – Quietly sneaking into an airport? Is that a good idea?
    JUDGE PARKER: Who brought the “unusual gift” of the van door back to the ranch? As the detective said on Saturday, What fresh hell is this..? (Dorothy Parker quote)

  4. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 2 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: How in the world did the van door get to the Parker ranch? And why?
    MANDRAKE: Narda’s story about her time with the Sea People continues. :-)
    PHANTOM: P. flies back to Africa and realizes he’s returning to an “empty nest.” He may be the superhero known as The Phantom…but he’s also a Dad.
    CRANKSHAFT: Wordplay.

  5. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 3 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: 1) Neddy misses what may be the most important phone call of her life; 2) Abbott is involved in what is probably the most important car rental of his life; 3) Godiva says that “Sophie’s OK,” but we haven’t seen Sophie since the upside-down moment right after the crash…what about those drag marks?
    PHANTOM: I agree. Sunday Only plot lines need to be easier to follow.
    CRANKSHAFT: All good airplane flights are like what Cranky describes.
    REX MORGAN: Any bets as to how long before Michelle & Jordan go out on a date (our time, of course)?!

  6. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 5 days ago

    PHANTOM: Will we soon be looking in on Heloise and The Nomad’s daughter in NYC?
    JUDGE PARKER: Yesterday’s strip was apparently about April (see marvee’s comments yesterday), and we are also jumping between the Neddy’s factory story…and (today) Sophie’s story. I’m getting dizzy going back & forth & back.
    MANDRAKE: A fun story continues!

  7. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 6 days ago

    JP: Thanks, marvee! I thought that looked like Abbott! Agree with your last sentence.

  8. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 6 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: What is going on here with J.P. and the other guy? Is “Macali” a town in Texas. Is “Sunboy” a Denver Rock Band or a super hero? ???

  9. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 6 days ago

    PHANTOM: We get to see Kit, Sr. (Phantom) in Panel 1…“Bound for home.”
    MARK TRAIL: Abbey fills Mark in on the story about the yacht (Honey & Darling).
    CRANKSHAFT: First “Ghostwriters” and now “Peggy and Lee” – allusions to music (first a song and then a singer).
    MANDRAKE: Narda’s story, a flashback, continues with the incredible shrinking island.

  10. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 7 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: A segue to Alan and his script. Who is “Sunboy”? When will we get back to the Sophie arc?
    PHANTOM: ??Dad, wherever you are…" Is P. still watching to be sure all is well for Young Kit before he (P.) heads back to Bengalla?
    REX MORGAN: Where is this going?