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  1. swampwolfone commented on The Barn 4 months ago

    We are Pasture Prime! Resistance is futile!

  2. swampwolfone commented on The Boondocks 4 months ago

    I’s really a great arc, to let to children talk thru things that most adults couldn’t without anger . But sad too, I work with men of color that i like and deeply respect, but there are subjects we just can’t or won’t talk about for fear of hurt feelings.

  3. swampwolfone commented on Speechless 4 months ago

    not to take away from the sweet and noble thoughts posted here but, – I googled “Scottish beavers” – you wouldn’t believe what I found!

  4. swampwolfone commented on Zen Pencils 5 months ago

    So many comments putting down face book and twitter. Or even carrying a phone. it’s not about them, it’s about us. Our needs, our wants, our weaknesses. These other things are just tools. Like so many things they make fine slaves, but terrible masters.