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  1. jbmlaw commented on Prickly City about 9 hours ago

    Never met a critic of Ayn Rand who had actually read Atlas Shrugged. Suppose they are terrified by the prospect of being proven wrong about everything.

  2. jbmlaw commented on Baldo about 10 hours ago

    Elect people who aren’t beholden to the bar association, and you will get laws that limit liability, i.e., get your freedom back.

  3. jbmlaw commented on Arlo and Janis about 10 hours ago

    We are still “then” except I am the one playing games on the old desktop and my wife is the tvholic.

  4. jbmlaw commented on Wizard of Id 2 days ago

    Strangely similar to the Fed’s Stress Test in the US.

  5. jbmlaw commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    I favor the cacophony of freedom. Never pray for peace – pray for freedom. “Peace” is for the dead.

  6. jbmlaw commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    If a politician ever seeks to “bring us all together” you can bet he wants us marching lockstep to his orders.

  7. jbmlaw commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    Peace and freedom are mutually exclusive. Leftists value peace, and will quickly sacrifice freedom seeking peace. Conservatives value freedom, and will breach the peace seeking freedom. That is the difference, boiled down to the essence.

  8. jbmlaw commented on Dilbert Classics 2 days ago

    When my now-33 year old son was a mere 4, Hillbilly Hare made him laugh like nothing before or since. He liked the scene where they pulled each-other’s beards.

  9. jbmlaw commented on Daddy's Home 2 days ago

    4 dogs, 2 cats. Quite enough. Think the rescues have my wife on speed-dial.

  10. jbmlaw commented on Adam@Home 5 days ago

    My 83 year old father has a rejoinder – “just hit me over the head with a baseball bat”