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  1. Cerabooge commented on Clay Bennett about 13 hours ago

    That could be me on the right. I’ve said it before: if I’m going to hunt, I want to hunt hunters. Especially the two-legged anthrax who hunt lions and tigers and bears.
    OTOH, I respect those who hunt for food.

  2. Cerabooge commented on Motley Classics 1 day ago

    The funny thing is, leaving the leaves on the ground is the best approach. But people insist on having lawn grass.

  3. Cerabooge commented on Wizard of Id 1 day ago

    rshive and tresareus apparently don’t like your comment, but instead of trying to rebut it (which I doubt would be possible), they try to distract from it.
    I think the appropriate color for Columbus Day is black, for mourning.

  4. Cerabooge commented on Tom Toles 3 days ago

    I’m beginning to think that today’s ’toon is not much of an exaggeration. The D.C. Metro has become the prime example of Epic Fail, but since Congress ultimately controls what happens with it, I doubt it will improve any time soon.

  5. Cerabooge commented on B.C. 4 days ago

    I certainly hope not. Sportymonk riffs on quite a lot in very few words; superstitious nonsense, dyslexia, wrong day of the week, and the utter unreliability of information acquired on the internet.

  6. Cerabooge commented on Clay Bennett 4 days ago

    Clearly, we should vote for Laurence Lessig, with Bernie Sanders as VP.
    (Lessig’s sole goal is to fix the election process, eliminating corporate funding, and eliminating gerrymandering by instituting multi-member districts with ranked-choice voting. And he pledges to resign once that’s done).
    Unfortunately, this is a case where the time-honored phrase applies; you can’t get there from here.

  7. Cerabooge commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    Well, crap. The link was supposed to go to a story about Spencer Stone being stabbed. Like this one. (if I managed to get it right this time).

  8. Cerabooge commented on Rubes 5 days ago

    From the inside?

  9. Cerabooge commented on Nick Anderson 5 days ago

    What a ridiculous situation. I just can’t accept the premise that school districts can’t print their own darned books – after they’ve carefully vetted them and removed the virulently nutzoid revisionist history. Or maybe just dump them on to tablets, and eliminate the whole bookprinting thing entirely.

  10. Cerabooge commented on Clay Bennett 5 days ago

    I agree, it’s an interesting article. And while it makes Clinton look like the Olga Korbut of politics (but with two "t"s), the comment about TPP is more germane:
    According to a report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the deal would bolster U.S. gross domestic product growth and jobs over the next decade. It would lift Malaysian growth by 6.6 percent and Vietnamese growth by 14 percent.
    And you know that’s an unbiased report because the founder of the PIIE has such a solid background:
    He has previously served as assistant for international economic affairs to Henry Kissinger.
    Henry Kissinger. Who should be serving a life sentence for war crimes. Yeah, I’m really going to trust that report. Not.