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  1. Alyson Lee commented on Cathy about 2 years ago

    Isn’t it an earring or something? I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it was put there by accident. :D

  2. Alyson Lee commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 2 years ago

    oh my goodness, this is so funny! Lucky Jill! xD

  3. Alyson Lee commented on Sarah's Scribbles about 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness, this is so true!

  4. Alyson Lee commented on Liberty Meadows about 2 years ago

    Curious George?

  5. Alyson Lee commented on Lio about 2 years ago

    I would be really worried if my kid was like this.

  6. Alyson Lee commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 2 years ago

    In the little section at the bottom of the page, the part “about random acts of nancy” it says,

    In the 81+ years that Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy and her pals have been cavorting around the funny papers, there have been many surreal, bizarre, manic, unexplainable panels of fun!

    Every day, we will bring you one of those moments. If you are dazed, confused, and don’t have any clue why and how you are being entertained … You are now a true Nancy fan.

    So whatever that means. But anyway, I do agree with the fact that there should be a little backstory behind all the panels that are shown. :)

  7. Alyson Lee commented on Lio about 2 years ago

    poor dad!

  8. Alyson Lee commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy about 2 years ago

    this made me really sad. thanks for the uplifting comic. :’(

  9. Alyson Lee commented on Adam@Home over 2 years ago

    Smart kid!

  10. Alyson Lee commented on Nancy over 2 years ago