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  1. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    Cartoon syndicate editors don’t look to the future for what readers want but don’t don’t know they want yet. They don’t look ahead at all. The furthest ahead they look is their toes or worse yet, behind them for what’s already been successful. Jobs was such a success with Apple because he was a creative visionary, not a follower. I lost my awe of the gatekeeper editors decades ago. Lew Little was the last of the great carton editors before he retired.

    They’re still looking for another “Calvin and Hobbs” to come along. Hey, but cartoonist are doing it also. Look a ‘Non Sequitor’ using the little girl and horse as oh so obvious clones of Calvin and Hobbs gags, characters, personalities and even visual settings. C & H is the most often imitated cartoon out there.

    My point? I’m packing my chute in ready to bale out of Sherpa. I see no point in sticking around where divergent thinking is a liability. Oh sure, there’s a tiny bit of lip service given to “looking for something new and quirky” but in reality…. one look at what they choose for Go Comics or print syndication and the baloney is exposed.

    To be balanced and fair, editors do have to deal with bean counters over them as well as newspaper cartoon editors who buy the strips and are also not creative types. Newspapers don’t buy the funniest strips, they buy demographics to sell their newspaper. Newsaper editors think they’ve done their job if that formula is filled with at least one strip of ANY PIECE OF **** with dogs, cats, family, one for each ethnicity, divorced, single,retired, kids, business, and plenty of already-dead-creator’s strips that stopped being funny decades ago because they are no longer relevent to today’s world. That leaves precious little space for something new. And also little incentive for a syndicate editor to go out on the limb with something innovative.

    Again… my point? Even with the innovative digital format here, “right here”….. 99.9% of artists still use the 1897 “Yellow Kid” straight jacket panel format. The “Comic Strip” is a walking Zombie… alive but dead.

  2. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    2 Old bnr: I agree. We did make a couple of tradeoffs even when we up-sized only a foot, Being seasoned RV’rs we were concious of them before before purchasing, so we are as happy as jaybirds sitting on a tree branch in Spring.

  3. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    Observer: Unless the motorhome is ‘vintage’ or a really stripped down model…. an automatic step-retract activates the moment the engine is turned on. The steps go down if the door is opened in case of emergencies or a quick outdoor check is needed, but immediately go back up when the door is re-closed. I don’t think trailers have that… but I’m not fully up to speed with features on them.

  4. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    The “insider” joke of this is that I used the graphics and colors of our friend’s RV. We never miss a chance to kid them about the size of their rig.

    After they get anything from their bottom storage we say, " I didn’t hear you start the fork lift engine… but that’s a huge storage area, so you probably were in the back aisle of it."

  5. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    OK… it’s that liberal use of Carmel for this place and that place that tripped my spellometer up.

  6. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    I noted in my sketchbook to followup on Robert Zubrin, Happy. Thanks!

  7. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    Six? He’ll likely smell the Schnapps wafting through the forest air and be on the scene. He’s not keen on alcohol… but caramel marshmallows, chocolate, and peppermint?

    UH OH… I just realized that DAVID WILL NAIL ME ON MISSPELLINGCARAMEL” IN MY WORD BALLOON. That IS a no-no… UNLESS the hot chocolate is from the Carmel mountain range in Israel. Who’s to say it isn’t?

  8. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    Mmmm… d0 you have enough to share with everyone?

    BTW, ’sorry for mizpellinkingk “Schnapps,” I was too rushed at the time to dubball cHekk it.

    Schnapps is an iInteresting word though. In German, with two “P’s” it’s a strong alcoholic drink. With only one “P” it’s a gutteral way to “take a gulp.” With that said, my way of thinking of responses is that they’re quickly done and we all forgive stuFf lyike that. Or, is someone grading these and I’m the last to know?

  9. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    Happy: Yes indeed, I really do enjoy science as well as Sci F. I subscribe to Science Illustrated, The Scientist, and Popular Science… and read science books written for the average interested person.

    . On the atomic and sub atomic levels, I believe Field Physics is the real deal as opposed to Particle Physics…. absolutely not the dual-theory which, to me… is like believing and not believing in Santa Claus at the same time.

    Is “The Case for Mars” fiction or… ?

  10. windingr0ads commented on Winding Roads over 2 years ago

    (p>Yep! Bonita.

    You may have had to already endure my scribbles for years. ( You poor thing!) Over two years in the San Diego Tribune when there ‘was’ a full Sunday Editorial Opinion section.

    If you live in the South Bay then about 19 years in every Star-News edition. (Haven’t done that for two decades) The best years were when fire-filled Lowell Blankford was editor and the Star News was a subscription newspaper, not the tiny little throw away it is today. It was a REAL newspaper then.

    So, where’s your Ponderosa?