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  1. Ginrummy33 commented on Cul de Sac 14 days ago

    Grampa can go out with a bang

  2. Ginrummy33 commented on Out of the Gene Pool Re-Runs 17 days ago

    They actually almost cast OJ Simpson as the Terminator, but they decided he didn’t look threatening and dangerous enough.

  3. Ginrummy33 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 19 days ago

    They should have called the car a Pious instead of Prius, since that’s how many of the owners of them think of themselves, and how they’re Saving the Earth despite using mostly coal generated electricity.

  4. Ginrummy33 commented on Agnes 20 days ago

    If you stick a bunch of gears that do nothing on stuff, be prepared to hear it from “real” steampunk people. Like all styles, there are posers to be looked down upon. :)

  5. Ginrummy33 commented on Get Fuzzy 20 days ago

    I’ve always said that anything that has to be Judged is NOT a sport. A sport is something timed, measured, or counted, and somebody wins outright without debate (usually).

  6. Ginrummy33 commented on Shoe 22 days ago

    Birds got lips?

  7. Ginrummy33 commented on Out of the Gene Pool Re-Runs about 1 month ago

    Time to act out the Trapped in a full body cast bit.

  8. Ginrummy33 commented on Pinkerton about 1 month ago

    What? They’re not showing the full strip here any more? Time to remove from my list of dailies, I guess.

  9. Ginrummy33 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    I remember Robert Conrad being a total tyrant. He was good, though.

  10. Ginrummy33 commented on Cornered about 1 month ago

    I thought that was “Cheetah” but then I never understood that.