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  1. ferengi19 commented on One Big Happy about 1 month ago

    I also miss Ninja Kitty

  2. ferengi19 commented on Michael Ramirez 4 months ago

    I can remember many years ago when I went to school (with ogg from the fourth cave) being vacinated was the law for starting school. What happened?

  3. ferengi19 commented on Steve Breen 4 months ago

    my niece was an adpted child. when her mother was pregnent, abortion was against the law. having watched her grow up to become a good , caring and wonderful person, who is now the mother of two children, makes me wonder about legal abortion

  4. ferengi19 commented on The Born Loser 4 months ago

    there are only two seasons—- football and baseball

  5. ferengi19 commented on Darrin Bell 5 months ago

    guilty until proven innocent??? Somethings wrong.

  6. ferengi19 commented on Jim Morin 6 months ago

    in this country you have to be a citizen to vote. to become a naturalized citizen you have to know how to speak,write andread english. so why are the ballots in more than one lang?.

  7. ferengi19 commented on Ken Catalino 6 months ago

    they are not undocumented immigrants—-they are illegal aliens

  8. ferengi19 commented on Breaking Cat News 7 months ago

    love this strip.

  9. ferengi19 commented on Steve Breen 7 months ago

    not to mention that there were 1.5 million dead from malaria and 50,000 from the flu.

  10. ferengi19 commented on Steve Benson 9 months ago

    maybe the best way to get obamas atten. is to have isis cut the head off a golf club