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  1. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel 3 days ago

    I like that new computer speed. But it feels too slow again all too soon. When do I get my 6GHz 12-core machine with 128GB of RAM and a RAID of SSDs, on a 10Gbps Internet connection?

  2. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 3 days ago

    Summers did seem endless when I was a kid, and not always in a good way. Around this time of year, I was itching to go back to school, have something to do.

    And years seemed endless back then. Not anymore. Feels almost like New Years Day was not that long ago.

  3. Gigantor commented on Baldo 7 days ago

    But kids today don’t need as many books. One tablet can hold untold thousands of them.

  4. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel 8 days ago

    Follow-up question: Why are they called “action figures” when they never so much as move?

  5. Gigantor commented on For Better or For Worse 9 days ago

    Back to school shopping was the best part of this time of year. That and getting to see your classmates again.

  6. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 11 days ago

    Ziggy is favoring flesh-colored pants today.

  7. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 15 days ago

    It’s the latest “ergonomic” keyboard. And doesn’t everyone want a curved LCD? I know I do. Preferably 55" or larger.

  8. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel 16 days ago

    Maybe not free fall, but the Canadian dollar (where Tak is) definitely isn’t doing great. Better hope that’s a toonie and not a quarter he’s giving.

  9. Gigantor commented on Non Sequitur 16 days ago

    That’s not what one guy says. He’s not just good, he’s incredible, outstanding, amazing, the greatest ever! But the “disgusting media” still comes after him.

  10. Gigantor commented on Calvin and Hobbes 23 days ago

    Nobody ever said Calvin’s mother was a good cook. Besides, everybody knows “the best fish there is” is battered and deep-fried.