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  1. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel 2 days ago

    Need a Jacuzzi there, PC. Nobody’s ever stressed in a whirlpool tub, and it would pay back for itself in no time with the money you save not having to pay for that head-shrinker.

  2. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 11 days ago

    The science program NOVA covered this many years ago. (Yes, science. That awful thing that too many people have no interest in, getting their knowledge from Fox News and Rush instead. Easy to spot as they’re usually the idiots who don’t know the difference between climate and weather.) It’s true to some extent. While we have been pumping too much CO2 into the atmosphere and causing warming, we have also been pumping a lot of soot into the air, which blocks some sunlight and reduces solar gain, a phenomenon called global dimming. If not for global dimming, we would be in even worse shape today. But we can’t go around blasting millions of tons of fine particles into the air trying to offset climate change completely.

  3. Gigantor commented on Calvin and Hobbes 16 days ago

    A whole year? Isn’t it a whole nine months before another three months off? Although when you’re that age, nine months does feel like forever. I wish time could pass that slowly again.

  4. Gigantor commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    Pardon me. Do you have any Grey Poupon?

  5. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 21 days ago

    Forget doghouses. Dog gazebos are the next big thing.

  6. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel 22 days ago

    Are you kidding? Those things are dirt cheap nowadays. 42" 4k TVs are only about $350 now. I remember a time when you couldn’t even get a 15" color TV for that price.

  7. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 24 days ago

    Nope. He hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises. He said there would be a fraztran in every pot and a flying car in every garage. I demand a recall election!

  8. Gigantor commented on Baldo 25 days ago

    AirBnb considers Facebook to be the only acceptable proof that you exist as a real person. If you don’t have a Facebook or at least LinkedIn page, forget about getting an AirBnb account.

  9. Gigantor commented on Baldo 26 days ago

    You’re missing the joke completely. The future is 15 minutes later when he’s out of school. It’s his plan for the afternoon, not for life.

  10. Gigantor commented on Baldo 27 days ago

    And then you get older, and ten months of your life feels like it just flies by.