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  1. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel about 4 hours ago

    Now if only the MENU prices would go down.

  2. Gigantor commented on Ziggy about 4 hours ago

    So it’s really a GRS – Global Repossessioning System.

  3. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 2 days ago

    I’ll save you, little fishy! Flushhhh!

  4. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 6 days ago

    I’d like “digital broadcast,” thank you.

  5. Gigantor commented on Baldo 9 days ago

    I know this to be fact. Having had a couple of (thankfully brief) periods between jobs in the last 30 years, Sunday really doesn’t feel at all special and different if you spend every day at home.

  6. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 9 days ago

    Not funny, Tom & Tom. The last thing we need is for the scientifically ignorant to keep thinking climate change is a joke.

  7. Gigantor commented on PC and Pixel 17 days ago

    Marissa Mayer never saw anything coming. That’s why Yahoo is in the incredible mess it’s in. Then there’s the Yahoo mail security breach they didn’t discover for two years. And the email scanning scandal.

  8. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 18 days ago

    I thought it was an hour when drinks would arrive in little boxes with nuts and prizes inside.

  9. Gigantor commented on Calvin and Hobbes 19 days ago

    I can’t believe he fell for that. The answer is 42. No matter the question, it’s 42. Douglas Adams says so.

  10. Gigantor commented on Ziggy 22 days ago

    “We foresee something bad is about to happen to you. You won’t be around to spend money after tomorrow, so just give it all to us now.”