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  1. Funktastic commented on Garfield over 7 years ago

    Can’t say much for the comic; It’s good enough I guess. But that clock… Awesome.

  2. Funktastic commented on Garfield over 7 years ago

    Garfield needs Wiifit… That could possible evolve into another scale comic now that I think about it. WiiFit collaborates with scale to insult Garfied? Good Idea or Bad Idea?

  3. Funktastic commented on Garfield Minus Garfield over 7 years ago

    Really? lol; I thought it was pretty obvious.

  4. Funktastic commented on Garfield Minus Garfield over 7 years ago

    I dunno; without Garfield Jon’s talking to himself, so you might as well turn the speech into thought. The reason you can’t just take Jon out is because Most of the comics are jokes about how deplorable Jon’s life is. I think the original punchline for those was mostly like “omg this is funny, this guy’s cat even makes fun of him.” But without the cat the “This guy is a loser” effect is amplified.

  5. Funktastic commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 7 years ago

    margueritem mrprongs bhac12 Cameron1958

    I hate to be all “YOU’RE WRONG”, but he actually does try all those things. Needless to say, none of them work.

    He stands by the side of the door once then walks in; result=Hobbes coming back the other way saying “Elapsed turnaround time 0.02 seconds” or some other ridiculously small amount of time. He DOES try going around back, but if you remember what happened at the end of THAT episode that’s why he doesn’t do that… Of course he didn’t have to sneak up on him necessarily.

    Another thing; he did sit there for awhile on the porch NOT saying anything and then going in, but it didn’t help him any. If you mean just walking in without saying anything I’m not sure that would do him any good either; He waits until after the door’s open to jump.

    Y’all were bothering me with those questions, I felt compelled to state why he doesn’t do any of those.