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  1. Fiammata commented on Red and Rover about 10 hours ago

    As painful as it might be irl, the icicles on Rover’s tongue are adorable in cartoon!

  2. Fiammata commented on Ozy and Millie 3 days ago


  3. Fiammata commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    Nahhhhh he just solidified it enough to keep its form, rather than turn to dust before it even reached its opponent. :)

  4. Fiammata commented on My Cage Classics 5 days ago

    Yup, error noted above. Although we’ve pointed out such things before in other comics and within hours, it is changed. Even archived comics are simple enough to mess around with chat bubbles. But it takes the artist reading our comments and caring, lol.

  5. Fiammata commented on My Cage Classics 6 days ago

    In whose version, again?

  6. Fiammata commented on The Boondocks 8 days ago

    She’s always concerned. She even cares about Huey and his issues and his feelings, even though he’s only some neighbor’s boy. She doesn’t fully comprehend him though as his intelligence is shown to be way above her head. And the things she says come out as flubs and well-intentioned mistakes all the time. Her daughter has disassociation issues, and she (the mother) is shown as not quite bright enough to know how to help but extremely caring-and-concerned enough to tell anyone whose views would bother her daughter to back the heck off. Yelling and such. Remember the principal on the phone, not too long ago? Rather than knowing enough to be any voice of reason, though, she instead latches on to causes and picketing and mostly yelling at those ‘other whites’ as being racist. Very concerned. Not too bright.
    Plenty of the less involved characters don’t seem to care so much, true. It seems to be mostly a curiosity of folks who haven’t been exposed to a new culture before. Especially that girl who follows them around and wants to touch their hair. The series is dated after all, and there used to be past-segregated areas like this. But I’ve never seen a smart non-dark person here. Although I’ve missed a few strips from time to time.

  7. Fiammata commented on The Boondocks 9 days ago

    The artist drew many of the lighter colored folks (you know, peachy) as being rather air-headed. It doesn’t get any better, so might as well get used to it. Much of the dry wit is worth the read.

  8. Fiammata commented on Dude and Dude 9 days ago

    Those bulbs are not so lightweight as to not be drooping the tree at all.

  9. Fiammata commented on Luann 9 days ago

    Tiffany uses so much styling gunk that hers is more a chosen thing than an ethnic thing.

  10. Fiammata commented on MythTickle 10 days ago

    This might not end well. Run, Boody!