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  1. davanden commented on Close to Home 6 days ago

    Sadly, I can imagine some employers doing something like this.

  2. davanden commented on Drabble 6 days ago

    Ralph is old enough to do his own laundry.

  3. davanden commented on Animal Crackers 6 days ago

    I get offered them when I don’t qualify.

  4. davanden commented on Reality Check 6 days ago


  5. davanden commented on One Big Happy 10 days ago

    Not capricious. The content of what she is asking for matters more than the way she says it.

  6. davanden commented on Reality Check 10 days ago

    “Wherefor” means “why,” not “where.” Juliet has just learned that Romeo is a Montegu, the great enemy of her family, the Capulets. She is saying, “Why is your name Romeo?” That’s why her next line is “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

  7. davanden commented on Drabble 13 days ago

    Are the pearls next?

  8. davanden commented on Rose is Rose 13 days ago

    Another example of “the woman is the only adult” myth.

  9. davanden commented on Strange Brew 16 days ago

    How old do you have to be to remember Art Linkletter? (Yes, I am that old).

  10. davanden commented on Cornered 17 days ago

    the bear that wasn’t? https://youtu.be/cq0a5JTSGvU