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  1. Cynthia Sonier commented on Brian McFadden 11 days ago

    The cartoons themselves did not upset me because of blasphemy. I don’t think God gives a rat’s tail about how humans draw him/her/it. The worst caricature anyone can do of any religion is to kill for it.

    What worries me is that those cartoons did not just make fun of some abstract God, they also made fun of the people of that religion, which are often ostracized and outcasted in France. French muslims deal with racism on a basis similar to what black americans have to live with.

    Everyone wants to say “oh, I just rocked the boat”, even when they just hit on the little guy for laughs.

  2. Cynthia Sonier commented on Joe Heller 11 days ago

    You’ll have to translate that to canadian for me, are people south of the border so obsessed with what’s going on in people’s bedrooms that they will overlook the advances in humanity someone made just to stare at the dirty laundry in the darn bedroom?

  3. Cynthia Sonier commented on Stuart Carlson 11 days ago

    I’d say amen to that, but I have yet to find a words that means just that, but for all religions at once.

  4. Cynthia Sonier commented on Matt Bors 11 days ago

    What is this? “You’re with us or you’re with the terrorists?” Been there, heard that from Bush. Nobody diserves to die over a drawing, but the Muhammad cartoons themselves are still islamophobia-pandering rags that remind me of pre-WW2 anti-semite cartoons. They’re still rags, just rags that people were murdered for.

    That being said, let’s not kid ourselves. There are cartoonists out there who get death threats over cartoons.

    Nobody diserves to die over a cartoon, even a stupid one and the terrorists gave those cartoons a compliment they don’t diserve: they proved them right.

  5. Cynthia Sonier commented on Steve Benson 11 days ago

    Nobody decides to be racist one morning just for fun. People are racist because they are afraid. The media runs on fear, including the fear that black criminal teens come out of their slums and rap videos to invade the “clean” suburbs.

  6. Cynthia Sonier commented on Smith 16 days ago

    Tiger-striped Mittaines says:
    I could say stupid humans again, but the two-feet already proved my point when they started killing each other over drawings…

  7. Cynthia Sonier commented on Sooky Rottweiler 20 days ago

    Now, a very important bemol on this.

    Times of grief are not big on “ifs”, “but’s” and moderates. People tend to act like you must be Charlie all the way, any other attitude is just victim blaming. Don’t get me wrong: no matter how I look at this I always get to the same conclusion, NOBODY DISERVES TO DIE OVER A CARTOON. NOBODY. EVER.

    That being said, I wouldn’t have drawn the Muhammad cartoons that Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists were shot for. Not because I’m afraid, but out of respect for muslims I know.

    I know many muslims in my little town, flat on Canada’s language border. Tunisians, Algerians, Moroccans come to Moncton for the Université but also because, as a Quebec journalist pointed out on TV, unlike in France, a muslim here can make it out of the airport without being arrested by the police.

    Seen from North America, all the controversy around the Muhammad cartoons seems pretty stupid. It’s just the same idiots stuck in the seventh century getting their burkas in a bunch over a cartoon! In Europe, though the issue between the native french (or “gaulois” as they are being called Goscinny must be spining in his grave) and the muslims is a lot like the rift between black and whites in the United States.

    Actually, it’s even worse than that. If here, the KKK is little more than a bad punchline, the far-right in Europe is much more powerful and unapologetically racist. The Front National, for example, an openly anti-immigration party, could very well win the next elections there. It’s the French UKIP, of sorts.

    Outside of the relatively tame arena of official politics, there are the “Identitaires”, far-right groups who strongly demonstrate against minorities, they were bashing jews until it became fashionable to bash muslims instead, vandalize halal restaurants, occupy mosques, organize marches, have a thing for xenophobic slogans…and give soup to the homeless…pork soup! They give pork soup to the “gaulois”, as a cruel mockery for the many, many, many muslim homeless people there, in the less than glamorous parts of Paris who have been discriminated into the margins of society. The message is clear, they don’t hide it. “If you don’t fit our template of what a french man should be, you have no busines here. No charity for you. Go back to where you came from.”

    Neither the US nor Canada have a right wing quite like this. The closest example I could find in the anglo-saxon World is UKIP and the so-called English Defense League. For “Gaulois” french, those people are at best, an embarassment, at worst, a threat to everything their country stands for and they are exploiting this tragedy every way they can online at the moment…

    …and for the muslim poor, this “with us or against us” rhetoric makes recruiting for integrists very, very easy.

    Going back to cartooning, I repeat; nobody diserves to die just because they draw something. I am Charlie because I draw political catoons that can offend someone, somewhere and Istand for my right to do so. I wouldn’t have drawn the infamous muhammad cartoons because freedom of speech comes with a responsability to at least draw for a better world instead of adding one more insult to the muslim poor in France. Those cartoons were driving a wedge in an already divided society and laugh at the expense of people who are already hurt.

    It’s everything political cartooning should not be.

    It’s bad cartooning, but nobody should get shot for a bad cartoon.

  8. Cynthia Sonier commented on Smith 20 days ago

    Even my mom couldnt knit earmuffs big enough for Srumpy!

  9. Cynthia Sonier commented on Signe Wilkinson 20 days ago

    Je suis Ottawa?

  10. Cynthia Sonier commented on Dan Wasserman 20 days ago

    Bad taste, but nobody should die becasue of bad taste!