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  1. TripleAxel commented on Glenn McCoy 1 day ago

    Thanks for the link, Churchill.

  2. TripleAxel commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    I can’t help but notice that, for all your haste to attack my source, neither you nor old1953 were able to refute the information it reported.

  3. TripleAxel commented on Gary Varvel 4 days ago

    President Bush relied upon the reports of his own intelligence agencies, which were consistent with the beliefs of foreign intelligence agencies and, incidentally, the beliefs of prominent politicians from the Democratic party.

  4. TripleAxel commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    “And just how much scrutiny did baby bush get? The media fawned over him in his early years. You can try to deny that fundamental fact, but sorry no matter how hard you try, you can’t change history.”
    The website linked below provides a sampling of negative and sometimes biased reporting against the Bush Administration in its first 100 days:
    I don’t recall a similar degree of hostility to President Obama in his first 100 days. And indeed, a Pew Trusts study shows that President Obama received substantially more favorable press than either President Bush or President Clinton during this period:

  5. TripleAxel commented on Darrin Bell 4 days ago


  6. TripleAxel commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    The news services have done our country no favors. Had President Obama’s administration received unbiased scrutiny and paid full price for its early mistakes it would probably be more competent today.

  7. TripleAxel commented on Gary Varvel 4 days ago

    “I’ve heard about Obama’s low approval ratings …”
    Not as often as you had heard of President Bush’s low approval ratings:
    Networks Covered Bush’s Crumbling Poll Numbers 124 Times in an Eight Month Period; In the Corresponding Eight Month Period, the Networks Covered Obama’s Likewise-Crumbling Poll Numbers… Nine Times

  8. TripleAxel commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    “There is more political support to return the residential areas of DC back to Maryland since DC was carved out of that state (mostly) to begin with. DC residents would then become re-enfranchised with their own Maryland representative and Senators.”
    That would make more sense to me.

  9. TripleAxel commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago


  10. TripleAxel commented on Glenn McCoy 4 days ago

    I’m guessing that this cartoon is commenting on reports that Clinton aides combed over documents relating to Benghazi to remove anything that might put Clinton in a bad light: