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  1. TripleAxel commented on Lisa Benson 1 minute ago

    A small but significant portion of Democratic party’s livelihood depends upon convincing Americans that Republicans are inhuman monsters. The more that people are familiar with ordinary Republicans and recognize them as human beings the weaker this argument becomes.

  2. TripleAxel commented on Lalo Alcaraz 4 minutes ago

    “Too bad you can’t count the lives guns have saved.”
    Agreed. How many neighborhoods are safer because it is known that some of the residents own guns? It is hard to quantify these kinds of benefits of gun ownership but they do exist.

  3. TripleAxel commented on Tom Toles 12 minutes ago

    “Ok what terms are those, the ids in Texas include, a state id card, a state drivers license, a military ID card, a concealed hand gun license, or a free voter id card, a state or federal employee id or a passport.
    So how is that not simple.”
    That is simple; it’s not much different, in fact, from the process of registering to vote in the first place.

  4. TripleAxel commented on Jim Morin 21 minutes ago

    I am sorry to see you disregard a sourced article, even given your factually incorrect opinion of the site’s founder. If you felt that any of the facts stated in the article were incorrect the best means of refuting it would be with accurate facts.
    As it is, the article is accurate, which is consistent with my experience with breitbart.com. Here is a second article addressing the matter:

  5. TripleAxel commented on Jen Sorensen 25 minutes ago

    The logic of the cartoon would call for the deaths of billions of human beings.

  6. TripleAxel commented on Clay Jones about 1 hour ago

    It often surprises me how eager some on the left are to argue against caricatures than to address the actual arguments of their political opponents on the merits. Is it intellectual laziness or is it a lack of faith in their ability to address their opponents as they actually are? I do not know the answer.

  7. TripleAxel commented on Nick Anderson about 2 hours ago

    While it is understandable for people to connect emotionally to the sufferings of their own countrymen I believe that the concern over Ebola is driven more by fear over what it might do if it were to wildly spread across the world than by horror over what it is doing to its current victims.
    Which is why I recall quite a bit of concern over Ebola back when it was only afflicting Africans. And why a lot of the concern now is over the CDC’s poor handling of the few Ebola cases we have had in the United states.

  8. TripleAxel commented on Minimum Security about 2 hours ago

    A natural outcome of leadership is tyranny. One of the gifts of our classical liberal tradition has been the creation of checks against this tendency through democratic institutions, through an open economy which allows people to succeed without the support or approval of the state, and through a constitutional system that recognizes the Rule of Law and does not allow the bending of rules to support political agendas.
    The measures you propose would be of some help in limiting the power of leadership, but such as system would not always be practical and certainly would not be sufficient by itself to avoid abuse The Romans had a system like that in which they would appoint a “Dictator” to rule them for a one year term during emergencies; as far as I know the Dictator received no formal pay. Of course Dictators were nearly always wealthy and powerful men, who had the resources to serve and the influence to gain appointment, and the system itself eventually became abused until it destroyed the Republic.
    To be clear, I don’t think that you were arguing that what your qualifications would be by themselves sufficient to keep would-be leaders in line. But the problem of having leaders (who, as you point out, are natural to any organization) without allowing tyrants is a hard one, and our classical liberal tradition has done better than any other human institution in addressing the issue. Stephanie’s revolution would cast that aside, with tragic results wherever it has been accomplished.

  9. TripleAxel commented on Minimum Security about 3 hours ago

    Misery, shortages, and oppression are not goals of Stephanie’s revolutionary ideas, flawed as they are, but result almost invariably from their praxis.
    Which is why I do not contest Stephanie’s right to argue her revolutionary ideology yet strongly oppose the same ideology on its merits.

  10. TripleAxel commented on Ted Rall about 19 hours ago