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  1. Doh commented on Cleo and Company about 18 hours ago

    Thank you,nighthawks. Peace. :) Animals are…we are…animals. Now i know why, my day started funky,this is profound.

  2. Doh commented on Charmys Army about 18 hours ago

    Women do that to me,too,also. :)

  3. Doh commented on Mid-Life w/ Alan about 18 hours ago

    Oh Boy,oh boy. A new twist. I have a good feeling about this arc. Peace. :)

  4. Doh commented on Candy Pills about 18 hours ago

    Be yourself,relax and fu()’em. Peace. :)

  5. Doh commented on LIGHTER SIDE about 18 hours ago

    You’ve got a long wait,buddy. Ha! Try meditation. :)

  6. Doh commented on Buzza Wuzza about 18 hours ago

    Hiya Buzza Wuzza. :)

  7. Doh commented on Suburban Wilderness about 18 hours ago

    I vote;‘yes’. :) Like/.

  8. Doh commented on Speed Bump about 20 hours ago

    FUNnie!! Ha,haa. :) Thanks Dave.

  9. Doh commented on The Humble Stumble about 20 hours ago

    I’m really enjoying this arc.Funny,funnie. Ha,haa. :) Peace.

  10. Doh commented on Ballard Street about 21 hours ago

    Good morning everyone. T-storm just came thru and woke me from a sound sleep.I needed to get up anyway. Thanks Ma nature. :)
    Maybe that would help get Steve back some engernery. Peace.