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  1. Balto Bill commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn 1 day ago

    Great show.

  2. Balto Bill commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago

    Sheesh, can’t you do a little research yourself?
    Sure explains a lot of your comments lately.

  3. Balto Bill commented on Chip Bok 1 day ago

    What color was that dress, Mr. Bennet? Obama says it’s Black and Blue.

  4. Balto Bill commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 1 day ago

    That old dirty joke that comics only tell each other, until Penn Jillette made a movie about it.

  5. Balto Bill commented on Henry Payne 1 day ago

    Yes, you are correct sir. It should be Boehner and McConnell with that pen, not Obama.

  6. Balto Bill commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    Why not get the facts straight first. The president has said all along he will not act until the environmental impact study results are finalized which they aren’t. All evidence points to it being approved, but the president sign anything until that time which should be in the next couple of months.
    The republicans are just playing their “I’ll show him who’s boss” game by passing the legislation now.

  7. Balto Bill commented on Glenn McCoy 2 days ago

    Apparently she needed implants according to Mr. Magoo’s drawing… er… I meant McCoy.

  8. Balto Bill commented on Mike Luckovich 2 days ago

    ^Why do you continue to post bogus right wing sources?

    You have lost any and all credibility, (if you ever had any in the first place).

  9. Balto Bill commented on Steve Breen 2 days ago

    ^ Sure Harley, but you said “not one Republican” voted for that $2b website? So now the minority Democrats are forcing net neutrality down our throats?