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  1. tabsok58 commented on Real Life Adventures over 2 years ago

    I thought it was a very smart way of getting out of work especially during the football game

  2. tabsok58 commented on Daddy's Home over 2 years ago


  3. tabsok58 commented on Daddy's Home almost 3 years ago

    Snickers and peanut butter cups

  4. tabsok58 commented on Lio over 4 years ago

    Why is it everyone can be upset about vick still what he did was wrong yes but no cares about the players that beat their wives rape women or even get frunk and kill people?

  5. tabsok58 commented on Non Sequitur almost 5 years ago

    I think this is aimed at all the people who so proudly label themselves either liberal or conservative but there is to much sand in their eyes to realize that.

  6. tabsok58 commented on The Argyle Sweater about 5 years ago

    “Beavers eat tree bark and the soft tissue, called cambium that lies beneath the bark.” So batle what do you consider to be wood?

  7. tabsok58 commented on Doonesbury about 5 years ago

    Palin drome more people have died in the name of God than in any war so if we are going to condemn on that basis then we should condemn all religons and tax them appropriatly