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  1. JimmyM01 commented on Matt Davies 15 days ago

    That’s the line of people who lost the health insurance policy they liked because of obama care.

  2. JimmyM01 commented on Glenn McCoy 4 months ago

    With the Federal Reserve pumping into the economy as much as $85 billion a month in the form of Quantitative Easing, with little to none of it showing up in wages, household income, or savings, do you really believe that the true value of the stock market is worth more than it was in 2010? When inflation catches up with all of that Quantitative Easing it is going to be devastating.

  3. JimmyM01 commented on Steve Kelley 4 months ago

    “The facts are the overwhelming majority of people aren’t affected at all because they were before and still are covered by their employer’s health care plan.”
    In other words the old system was working just fine for the “vast majority of people.” The first big lie of Obama Care was saying that that our health care system needed a complete overhaul and government takeover.

  4. JimmyM01 commented on Kevin Kallaugher 4 months ago

    To suddenly begin enforcing the penalties on employers will only result in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants being laid off and left unemployable.
    If we were to close the border without making any changes to our current interior enforcement than in five to ten from now we might be able to have a rational discussion about what to do with those people who are here illegally. But, as long anyone can cross our border with impunity there will always be a problem and there will never be any rational discussion.

  5. JimmyM01 commented on Jack Ohman 5 months ago

    Birth control is a human right? Tell me where does this insanity come from?

  6. JimmyM01 commented on Jack Ohman 5 months ago

    Take it to the Supreme Court and see if they agree as to whether or not the government has a compelling interest for violating your religious rights in these areas.

  7. JimmyM01 commented on Jim Morin 5 months ago

    This toon has me thinking that next we will be hearing Bill Clinton saying “I was born a poor black child.”

  8. JimmyM01 commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    Increasing the wages of low skilled workers is the quickest was to send jobs overseas. The world is full of low skilled workers and manufacturers are constantly comparing the cost of labor, mechanization and shipping to achieve the lowest cost of production.

  9. JimmyM01 commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    With over 800 miles of coastline, 5 major shipping ports, the richest farmland in the nation located in the central and Imperial valleys , forest, minerals, oil and other natural resources and weather that allows year round commercial and agricultural production is it any wonder that has a high GDP. The question is why isn’t it higher?
    As for being a federal tax donor state, I remember back to the 70’s an 80’s when we received more federal dollars than we paid. That was before Feinstein and Boxer did their best to shoot down every aerospace and defense bill that came before the senate. So the big aerospace and defense contractors moved their production facilities to the states where they could get some support.
    Feinstein and Boxer also did their part working with Democratic congressmen and the environmentalist to drive all the other heavy industries out of California. A trend that continues today with the recent exodus of Toyota.

  10. JimmyM01 commented on Clay Jones 5 months ago

    You are only obligated to step up and help because you and others who think like you have chosen to accept that obligation. Tell me, how does your desire to be benevolent become a right to tell me how I should live my life?