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  1. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    He sounds more like Agrestic when she once wrote (quote) -

  2. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    Oooh, I’d like to take a crack at this! -
    Government services don’t really count as socialism.
    It is a distribution center funded by uneven taxes that are collected from wage earners.
    That is different than workers sharing the proceeds from their labor equally, where no one can take more than their fair share – where those not able or willing to work automatically are entitled to get what those who can work get.
    Corporations aren’t socialist entities. Workers don’t all work for the same rewards dictated by the management, and there is frequently room for advancement with greater rewards.
    Of course workers can also share in profits through buying stock shares, but that easily falls more into the capitalism area – people taking the initiative to make more for themselves.
    As for keeping for on the table for your kids – who forced you to have kids that you can’t afford in the first place?
    It’s disingenuous to cause one’s own troubles then blame those troubles on a system, calling it unfair.
    And " The next step is to organize and win what is fair against those who are greedy …"
    WIN?” This is now a contest? Again, no one is forcing anyone to work for anyone else. The fact that so many do, and there are so many jobs is tribute to those who are able to keep companies solvent enough to do so. And where is anything mentioned about “fair” in the Life manual?

    Greed, in itself, is not evil. Ask ANYONE if they would like more money – most will say, heck, yeah. In fact, most folks are already working to make money. But they aren’t greedy in a bad sense. Evil greed is when someone is willing to do harm to make money or obtain unreasonable power. Those people should pay a penalty. But capitalism allows a standard of living such we have in the USA. Take away the incentive that appeals to nearly every human, and the standard will fall mightily.

    No one is entitled to anything they don’t deserve. Except for a very few lottery winners.

  3. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    You notice that the havenots always think they are entitled to everything without working for it, yet what they want are always the products of capitalism?
    I would bet that those who advocate socialism probably have TVs, computers, automobiles, food, and clothing that is produced by capitalism.
    America is the land of opportunity, yet many would rather complain about their “rotten sobs” bosses than take the initiative and become entrepreneurs, as so many in this country have.
    In fact, these days, (and unfairly in my opinion) minorities have it easier than others to get grants and other advantages to start businesses – which, by the way, are the small corporations that make up the majority of corporations in this country – they far outnumber “giant” ones.
    But I imagine it will always be easier to blame and complain than to take action.
    And some groups have had years of perfecting that practice.

  4. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    “What I want to ask is how Gov. Jindal not making a point about his skin color and how he wishes to be remembered as a white guy”
    And why is anybody’s skin color of any concern to you?
    Are you the skin color police?
    Apparently Lalo wishes to be remembered as a brown guy – why aren’t you on his case about that?

    “Jindal wants to be an honorary Aryan like the party thinks is the best type of human.”
    Again, what concern is it of yours?
    And where did you get this information, like what he wants?
    That’s Agrestic’s area, to magically read minds.
    And what about what you want – your posts make Jindal’s activity with a portrait seem mild by comparison.
    You seem to want to be remembered as a wannabe writer who has as much anger as you accuse others of having.
    And you lockstep behind Lalo no matter what.
    I suppose good little soldiers occasionally are remembered – if they are infamous enough.

  5. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    “Keep up the good work LALO.”
    I take it from that that you approve of jokes about skin color.

  6. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    “It appears that Jindal is making a point of his skin color and Lalo just pointed it out. "
    Hmm, how is Jindal making a point of his skin color?
    Did he say something like,“Hey, folks, look at how different my portrait is?”
    I must’ve missed that headline.
    You say Lalo was “just” pointing it out.
    And that’s what Dr. King had in mind, right?
    So it’s okay to poke fun at skin color as long as one is only “pointing it out?”
    Lalo’s supporters here go ballistic at the least mention of race.
    But skin color is a sore point of that race argument.
    So Lalo goes for humor by invoking a ridiculously insignificant skin color situation and turning it into another indictment of whites (“white dudes”), and you call my indignation an “unwarranted attack?”

  7. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    “All these instances of lightening, whether in a portrait or on a brown body, are unfortunate reflections of the ongoing racism in this country that equates whiteness with goodness.”
    So, with regard to your cartoon avatar – are you white, or did you pick a Caucasian skin-tone to show your “goodness?”
    It seems as if you are contributing to the ongoing racism in this country.
    (yes, I know she won’t answer this question – but others may make their own decision about her silence)

  8. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    “The portrait is just flat out weird & the fact that Jindal is okay with it hanging in public is even weirder.”
    No, what is weird is that all of the buzzing here is ignoring that Lalo is making a point defined by the color of somebody’s skin!
    The takeaway seems to be that Lalo and his Latino supporters, who are all so hung up on race, are just fine passing judgment on the way anyone looks.
    Holy hypocrisy, Batman!

  9. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    You are arguing over the dress thing?
    It doesn’t have someone like Lalo actually telling us what he thinks the color is.
    And Agrestic, remember, your cartoon picture also definitely is of a Caucasian skin-toned woman.

  10. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    Take a peek at the book ad to the right – three of Lalo’s characters are definitely Caucasian in skin tone.
    And even the cockroach looks lighter than real cockroaches – maybe he’s passing?
    Lalo shouldn’t throw stones so near his own glass house.