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  1. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha about 8 hours ago

    " It may not excuse his ridiculous comments or attempts to sabotage the President but it does help explain how careless he is at it."
    If “the President” is replaced by “Republicans,” your statement could perfectly describe Lalo.

  2. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha about 8 hours ago

    “….why don’t the majority of people in the US stand up and take back their country against the mad bombers in our government who are engaged in indiscriminately killing and torturing people…”
    Agrestic seems to have joined the recent spate of paranoid conspiracy nut jobs who think government is an organization apart from the people.
    Who might those “mad bombers” be?
    As she would immediately jump on a statement like hers; names, and evidence, please.
    (Oh, and it’s time to leave George W. Bush out of it – I don’t think he has bombed and tortured people in the last couple of days).

  3. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha about 23 hours ago

    Agrestic is quite flippant today.
    Or, rather, flipped out.
    Let’s see – making light of which dire disease will kill a person?
    Agrestic has been SO concerned with Ebola previously, why didn’t she make great fun out of that when she had the opportunity?
    Disease IS just about the funniest thing one can imagine.
    Oh, wait – this bartender did accuse Boehner of being responsible for Ebola.
    Agrestic must be rolling on the floor with that one!
    Also, I’m guessing that Agrestic’s attack on Boehner’s looks (his tan) is trying to connect some credibility to him being the devil and spending time in hell.
    This is a new low, even for Agrestic.
    I guess she never paid attention to Martin Luther King, who said to judge people on their character rather than the color of their skin.
    And remember, folks, Agrestic is the one whom you are following because she got it into her craw that you shouldn’t read my posts!

  4. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha about 23 hours ago

    Lalo, being a good Liberal, we presume you are fine with illegal substance use (read, drugs, etc.).
    So you are making a judgment on booze here?
    For your information, all substances like those can cause damage to the body.
    The strip also leaves out the fact that this bartender is psychotic and had a loaded weapon at his house.
    That means that he could easily be a threat to ANYONE, and the concept of singling out Boehner, as presented this way, implies that Boehner has a longtime drinking problem, enough to be a target.
    Very irresponsible, Lalo, just for the sake of grasping for a biased news article to support your “humor” agenda.
    Again, it seems to be desperation time for your “fertile mind.”

  5. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    “Besides, the Reps don’t give a diddly about free speech unless it’s hate speech.”
    So you’re saying that they give a diddly about free speech if it is hate speech?
    It sounds like you’re taking the opposite view -
    Does that mean you give a diddly about free speech that isn’t hate speech?
    Does free speech that isn’t hate speech really need diddlys?
    What, exactly, is hate speech? And how is it different than free speech?
    Lay your deep thinking on us, man.

  6. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    “When someone is against so totally they think it “weakness” to acknowledge when they do something they like.”
    You know, you can probably get some college student to proofread and correct your posts before you put them on.

  7. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    “For some of ‘em, that’s their only setting. A few of them make happy noises when they don’t perceive politics in a given strip, though.”
    Another judgment pronouncement by Agrestic, the Light Over Lordess of Everything.

  8. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    And you are an example of loving and tolerance, as evidenced by your post?….

  9. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 2 days ago

    As for Lalo, apparently we’re supposed to not consider that the Dems do the same photo-op thing.
    Oh, well – it’s just the story of Lalo’s approach to government in the U.S., told in the fashion of a bad ripoff of someone else’s satire of African-Americans by a Non-Mexican-American who apparently thinks that everything in this country sucks.
    (Lalo didn’t like Republicans before the last election, and he doesn’t like them after – but thank goodness he is here to remind us that we’re not supposed to all get along!)

  10. indiethink commented on La Cucaracha 2 days ago

    I’m so glad Agrestic is around to explain Lalo’s strip.
    Imagine how confused everyone would be if she weren’t available to tell us how much were are supposed to revile Republicans.
    However, we seldom hear from her about how much we are supposed hate the other parties, such as the Green and Libertarians, etc.
    Oh, Great Oracle of Whiz-dumb, we are simply lost awash in a sea of not thinking for ourselves!
    Tell us how to think, what to think, and how that thinking will save us!
    And maybe remind Lalo that his strip needs to be explained through your wonderful service.