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  1. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles 17 days ago

    To be or not to be is a heavenly comment, one that the Donald will contemplate a lot no doubt? If he takes an easier more direct path, perhaps in vein of cutting off their noses or other body parts- (or should it be in lieu of certain parts?) Either way, he can always wish them a “fine day” before making us Great again?

  2. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Chris Britt 17 days ago

    Hey folks, nothing but your typical Nuclear fallout family quarrel. Wonder how much they have practiced their making it a great experience yet/

  3. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 17 days ago

    Yes, it is a tragedy that our nation has to deal with a high amount of execution-like slayings of people who stand behind the blue line (some brown & black & other colors as well) and are hired to enforce our laws, who lately have been involved in some questionable reactions to people they have either stopped for questioning, stopped for a traffic violation, or went to a residence to check on a crime reported to them via their Command or Communication Centers, (which is usually the most dangerous for P.O’s) and unfortunately were eventually slain for wearing the Uniform more than for knowing the individual when a Perpetrator panicked of course and either used a knife, gun, or other dangerous weapon to slay the Officer who never had a chance to call STOP, HALT, VERBOTEN! or Mira, Mira, I am not mad at you, let’s first talk awhile my friend, amigo, Senor, or with any other language they run into, but the time for a dialogue had already passed when the Officers came into view of this Perpetrator, who was having their own issues, so time ran out for everyone at the scene…and we now know what happened to a certain degree that is, but again it was too late when the two sides came into view of each other. The tragedy lies in; WE CAN NOT GET EITHER SIDES BACK TO THE TABLE TO TALK NOW FOLKS! The worse part is no one really tried to talk first then take action, so the action part led the list and now most likely someone is dead, all because we felt like there was no choice but to be tough and not to be nice, in an increasing number of cases, the Officer was ambushed, at least this is the way it went down. God bless all their souls.

  4. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Stahler 25 days ago

    Humpty-Dumpty sits on wall and with his Egghead cracked skull does not feel FALL on his face and even if the military cannot put him back together again he deliberately buy all land with condemned sign reading TOXIC do not Enter or hang around until Trump hotels and casino’s fully erected and perhaps filed for bankruptcy again?

  5. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Jones 25 days ago

    Egg-xactly, the Egghead with crack in skull wants cheap land to erect more hotels and casinos, and if you know of any land condemned please notify White House after January 2017, as we may be interested in your property

  6. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Davies 25 days ago

    Hey, the Egghead with cracked skull Trump probably wants to confiscate the lands -such as swamps and river bottoms – to erect more hotels and casinos, while still in Office?

  7. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell 8 months ago

    It’s the taxes baby, we gotta keep paying them until we are long gone and buried in the ground. Until then I’ll love you to death we do part and then I should be old enough to only file but never pay a cent again.

  8. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers 8 months ago

    Everyone keeps forgetting Bill C’s inclination to pledge with a certain Republican House Speaker -while Bill C. was the POTUS, when they combined their skills and used subterfuge to have a tax bill passed that did not need Congress to read in Committee or on the Floor, that screwed millions of taxpayers as they had to PAY higher taxes when they found themselves in a higher tax bracket, thanks to Bill C. and his Republican friend. It was awful….;)

  9. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Kevin Kallaugher 8 months ago

    As for Putin stashing money away, I would doubt it, as his past history shows he’s a trained spy and doesn’t want to appear he’s living a lavish life style. Other than that, sure his friends bribe, cheat, steal and stash their funds in other countries so they don’t have to pay Russian taxes, as he keeps a blind eye to their bad habits so he can call them friends for life.

  10. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Breen 8 months ago

    Possibly mortgaged to the hilt WOPM no doubt?