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  1. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell 6 months ago

    It’s the taxes baby, we gotta keep paying them until we are long gone and buried in the ground. Until then I’ll love you to death we do part and then I should be old enough to only file but never pay a cent again.

  2. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers 6 months ago

    Everyone keeps forgetting Bill C’s inclination to pledge with a certain Republican House Speaker -while Bill C. was the POTUS, when they combined their skills and used subterfuge to have a tax bill passed that did not need Congress to read in Committee or on the Floor, that screwed millions of taxpayers as they had to PAY higher taxes when they found themselves in a higher tax bracket, thanks to Bill C. and his Republican friend. It was awful….;)

  3. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Kevin Kallaugher 6 months ago

    As for Putin stashing money away, I would doubt it, as his past history shows he’s a trained spy and doesn’t want to appear he’s living a lavish life style. Other than that, sure his friends bribe, cheat, steal and stash their funds in other countries so they don’t have to pay Russian taxes, as he keeps a blind eye to their bad habits so he can call them friends for life.

  4. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Breen 6 months ago

    Possibly mortgaged to the hilt WOPM no doubt?

  5. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 6 months ago

    Must say Michael R. I do enjoy your drawings that are very detailed, it’s your message I don’t enjoy, sorry.

  6. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Jones 6 months ago

    Okay, if the former Speaker is a pedophile, just salt him away for the rest of his days and get on with our lives. This whole story has been carried out on the national scene too long in my estimation.

  7. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne 6 months ago

    When it comes to energy, do you want clear lungs, water that is pure to the tongue and wind power that is cheap and no one suffers in the long run? Sorry for the fossil fuel guys but they had the market cornered for over two hundred years now and we are all SICK of it, even the guys who work with the Picks- Black Lung Disease, so should we put health over wealth (Koch brothers in particular?). It’s an easy choice for me, sorry that some of us have difficulty with choosing right from wrong.

  8. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Gary Varvel 6 months ago

    And the winsome bridegroom stepped aside until it was his time to ride the donkey- oops, elephant forgive me folks as my eyesight is going- probably from trying to decide which is what anymore no doubt?

  9. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 6 months ago

    Let me guess, the larger Ass is Putin’s and it overshadow Obama’s puny one, right? And neither one of them can look into a mirror and go, Wow, are you for real or is the cartoonist just dreaming again?

  10. ron2nips GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Jones 6 months ago

    Does anyone in the room think or believe that racism has come to an end just because a few people in the NCAA or some University sprouting political correctness think they’ve got it all wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow ribbon? I’ve got news for them if they do as I think and believe the damn stuff racism has just gotten started folks. Grab your socks and other accessories all that’s you need to climb the nearest tree and look out over the land of liberty one more time for me if you will please and see how free most of us are and what price we paid to arrive at that site and what we will pay in the near future, well, maybe not us but our grandkids and such…and hopefully we wont fall and the mob with the rope won’t apply said rope to our necks and we’ll all jump for joy and our girl-toy and know for sure, racism has left for good. Only, not until then buddy….