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  1. KZ71 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 15 days ago

    This ain’t “Dude and Dude.” Guy has to paint each panel of this, Even identical twins can’t pose identically, let alone triplets.

  2. KZ71 commented on Pooch Cafe 15 days ago

    And the squirrel feels so alone.

  3. KZ71 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 16 days ago

    Just a little bit of each will do it. Those tiny levels are also why after thousands of years of existence, Mars is STILL rusting and we don’t know it as the Swiss Cheese Planet. :-)

  4. KZ71 commented on Ozy and Millie 16 days ago

    Millie reminds me about once a week that my childhood was woefully incomplete.

  5. KZ71 commented on Frazz 16 days ago

    I kinda wish someone would invent a handle or something you could push to flush. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about leaning forward and setting Old Faithful off.

  6. KZ71 commented on Truth Facts 16 days ago

    That’s why I always go for the Slurpee.

  7. KZ71 commented on Pickles 16 days ago

    The boy can’t tell the difference between a tote and a purse, he has no business with girls.

  8. KZ71 commented on MythTickle 21 days ago

    I…. don’t get it?

  9. KZ71 commented on Bloom County 21 days ago

    Awesome. Opus in the last panel…

  10. KZ71 commented on Luann 25 days ago

    I just now saw the strip from May 29th of 2014… dang this comes full circle!