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  1. Airbrush commented on Lio about 2 years ago

    Oh for chrissake it was never marketed as a documentary. Get over it.

  2. Airbrush commented on Shoe about 2 years ago

    If I wear my clothes til they wear out, I can’t really give them away…

  3. Airbrush commented on Real Life Adventures about 2 years ago

    Hold it about 5 minutes. The days of writing a check and waiting for it to clear are gone :( but in a way it’s good!

  4. Airbrush commented on Lio over 2 years ago

    I once left a bana pan peel in front of the shower (yep while he was in it), to test out the gag. A few minutes later, I hear a WHOLE bunch of “$&@#%!!!”

  5. Airbrush commented on Real Life Adventures over 2 years ago

    I see lots of people exercising their face looking and talking but not doing much else lol…

  6. Airbrush commented on Non Sequitur over 2 years ago

    I remember ppl used to call and say hi. Not text me or say hi on Facebook etc…

  7. Airbrush commented on FoxTrot over 2 years ago

    Damn !! About 99.9% of games have those. Guess which one I play the most? The one that has NO ads. I know the developers have to make money, but lets concentrate on making better apps not better ads!!