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  1. seed_drill commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    We’re already past peak spring, but, believe me, the azaleas make it anything but monochromatic down here.

  2. seed_drill commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    There is a quite high end luthier in our tiny town. Way out of my wife’s price range.

  3. seed_drill commented on Overboard 7 days ago

    Pearls Before K-9.

  4. seed_drill commented on For Better or For Worse 8 days ago

    Yeah, my step brother married into one. He told me he went to work one day and came home and his daughter had two new holes in her head.

  5. seed_drill commented on The Buckets 9 days ago

    Dance with me,
    I want to be your partner
    can’t you see.

  6. seed_drill commented on Get Fuzzy 9 days ago

    I guess they can ship over Clifford the Big Red Dog as is.

  7. seed_drill commented on For Better or For Worse 9 days ago

    Oh my god, it all makes sense now. A Canadian Cabbage Patch Kid came to life, like Pinocchio, but was never able to transition into becoming a real boy, so, after he grew up, he became a Senator from Texas and is currently running for President.

  8. seed_drill commented on Luann 10 days ago

    Now they will learn why club goers use molly to keep up all night.

  9. seed_drill commented on For Better or For Worse 15 days ago

    When my grandfather gave them up, he didn’t want to be a cigarette bum, so he bought a pack, carried it around in his shirt pocket until it wore out, bought another pack and did the same, and never smoked again. Sometimes it pays to be ornery. He still wound up with emphysema from his years smoking, but he made it well into his 80s.

  10. seed_drill commented on Over the Hedge 18 days ago

    We bomb carpets because you critters brought in fleas.

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