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  1. seed_drill commented on Doonesbury 2 days ago

    It’s a pretty accurate rendition of Dylan’s distancing himself from the counter culture. He’s pretty much been doing that at least since the “motorcycle accident.” Though even in his early years, he was teasing reporters that he was “a song and dance man.”

  2. seed_drill commented on Overboard 4 days ago

    Milkweed was quite common where I lived in upstate NY, but I don’t know that I’ve seen it in the 30 years I’ve lived in NC.

  3. seed_drill commented on Overboard 6 days ago

    A pun here and a pun on Non Sequitur. Enough punishment.

  4. seed_drill commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    A great Gov.’t Mule album, BTW.

  5. seed_drill commented on Luann 10 days ago

    Reminds me of my first day. Freshmen were supposed to be there a few days early. First night my new roomie showed up at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. Said he’d gotten wasted at a party at Penn State and driven straight through to Asheville, and that he’d kept his dorm key from the prior year. We lasted together about two weeks.

  6. seed_drill commented on Overboard 10 days ago

    It’s sad, but my thumbs so brown I can’t even grow zucchini.

  7. seed_drill commented on For Better or For Worse 14 days ago

    I did something like that to kill a sale of my dad’s car that I didn’t want him to replace.

  8. seed_drill commented on Doonesbury 14 days ago

    Actually, Lacey was a Republican, based on Millicent Fenwick (thanks, Wiki).

  9. seed_drill commented on Luann 25 days ago

    This fire was caused by the friction of the insurance policy rubbing up against the lien.

  10. seed_drill commented on Frazz 26 days ago

    I learned to ride so young that the bike was too close to the ground to get hurt if you fell. Apparently I was also a hipster at 4 years old, as it was also a “fixie”!